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Davison Road Industrial Land

Located off Davison Road, this 56.21-acre vacant parcel is bordered by Davison Road and several commercial properties to the north, a Canadian National railroad line to the south, and a Consumer’s Power Company right- of-way and a Delphi plant to the west. There appears to have been the start of a residential development on the site in the late 1950s and 1960s. In the 1970s fill was placed on a portion of the site. The fill included construction debris, miscellaneous inert solid waste and foundry sand from the former GMC Buick Motor Division facility in Flint. Fill is located primarily in the central and southeast portion of the property and where present the fill is generally less than 5 feet thick but can be as much as 13 feet thick in isolated locations. The remainder was never used by GM, with the exception of an asphalt test track. No manufacturing activities took place at this site. A portion of the property lies in the floodway and some adjacent ground lies within the 100 year floodplain and a small portion of the south east part of the site is included in the National Wetland Survey. Historically, this property is associated with the Delphi Energy and Engine Management Systems Flint East Facility (the Delphi Facility). GM owned the Delphi Facility until 1999, when Delphi Automotive Systems was divested from GM.

Property Information

  • Property Name: Davison Road Industrial Land
  • Address: Davison Road & Donegal Street, Burton, MI
  • Contact for sale: Bruce Rasher
  • Acreage: 56.21
  • Description of Property: Vacant, partially wooded parcel
  • Zoning/Tax ID Number(s):

    M-2, General Industrial: 59-10-100-031 Not Zoned: 59-10-100-030

  • Infrastructure: Available electric and water, rail access
  • Transportation: Railway, Highway
  • Utilities: Electricity, Natural Gas, Municipal Sewer, Municipal Water
  • Property Type: Vacant Land
  • Facility ID: 12920

Property Photos

Davison _ Donegal-4sized.jpg
Davison _ Donegal-6sized.jpg
Davison _ Donegal-7sized.jpg
Davison _ Donegal-8sized.jpg
Davison _ Donegal-9sized.jpg

Environmental Information

BMJ Engineers and Surveyors Inc. - 12920 - Certificate of Survey - Davison Rd. (Paved) 2004-06-16.pdf
Burton- Energy Ready- Davison Road (2016).pdf
Davison - MDEQ NFA Approval - 2017-08-09.pdf
Davison Buildability Memo-20150611.pdf
Davison Industrial Land PFC Arsenic GW Monitoring Summary -5-24-18-emailed.pdf
Davison Mixing Zone Request-Final 12-22-15.pdf
Davison Rd Revised Site Investigation Report_2.11.08.pdf
Davison Road Additional Investigation Rpt-4-1-15.pdf
Davison Road Ind Land-NFA-Final-05-04-2017.pdf
Davison-Soil DC Inv Rpt final 1-14-16-w appendix.pdf
DRL Site Update final rpt without appendices12-20-13.pdf
DRL Site Update final Appendices sans lab reports.pdf
Final Due Care Plan_07.23.08.pdf
MDEQ - 12920 - Denial of Response Activity Plan- Mixing Zone - Davison Rd. - 2016 - 05-25.pdf
MDEQ - 12920 - Land Remediation Summary - Davison Rd. Landfill - 2015-0811.pdf
MDEQ-Declaration of Restrictive Covenant-12920-Davison Rd.-Fully Executed and Recorded -2013-09-30.pdf
RACER Davison Env Rem Summary-20150811-Final.pdf
RACER Davison Pore Water Sampling Report_10-5-18.pdf
RACER Davison Revised Work Plan-2012-05-22-FINAL.pdf
RACER Davison Road - Phase II ESA - Techna - 1996.pdf
RACER Davison Road and Adjacent Parcel - Phase I ESA - CRA - 1995.pdf
RACER Davison Road LF Investigation Work Plan.pdf
RACER Davison Site History - 5-22-2017.pdf
RACER-DavisonRoad-Historical aerial photos-20150414.pdf
Site Investigation Report - 12920 - Flint East - 2007-08-01.pdf
Site Update Report Davison Rd. Landfill 12-20-13.pdf
Water Level Monitoring - 12920 - December 2003 through June 2008 - Dated 2008-10-28.pdf

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