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State of Michigan Economic Development and FDI Overviews

The State of Michigan has published an economic development overview and a snapshot of foreign direct investment in the state. The documents can be viewed and downloaded by clicking below.

Economic Development Overview
FDI in Michigan

Oakland County Brownfield Redevelopment Authority Progress Report

A report highlighting redevelopment successes in Oakland County, Mich., spotlights work under way on five former RACER Trust properties in Pontiac.
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Getting to "No Further Action" — A Resource Guide for Owners of Brownfield Properties

A general summary of eligibility requirements and the process in each state to obtain a determination of “no further action”

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Database of State Economic Incentives

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State Brownfields and Voluntary Response Programs 2014

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Federal & Regional Development Assistance Resources

U.S. Housing and Urban Development Resources

Appalachian Regional Commission KILL

Development District Association of Appalachia KILL

Materials from Flint & Genesee County Public Forums

The RACER Trust welcomed residents of Flint and Genesee counties to a pair of public forums on Tuesday, June 25, to discuss the progress of environmental remediation and redevelopment efforts at the Trust's 12 local properties. The maps and fact sheets below were presented at the meetings:


SelectUSA Publishes Comprehensive Guide for Investors

SelectUSA, an agency of the U.S. Department of Commerce, has published its second guide to the business and investment climate in the United States and its territories. A valuable overview of business conditions and core industries.

Download the PDF

EPA: Potential Advantages of Reusing Potentially Contaminated Land for Renewable Energy

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BCG Makes Compelling Case For Rebound in U.S. Manufacturingbcg_cover.jpg

The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) , a global leader in business strategy and transformation, has published a pair of studies since August 2011 forecasting a cost-driven resurgence in U.S. manufacturing.

In the first, Made in America, Again, the authors conclude that China's once-overwhelming cost advantage is shrinking fast. Rising Chinese wages, combined with higher U.S. productivity and other factors, will combine to make the U.S. a more attractive manufacturing option.

In the second, U.S. Manufacturing Nears the Tipping Point, the authors highlight seven industries — including several that are excellent fits for RACER properties — that are nearing the point at which shifting manufacturing back to the U.S. is the right decision economically.


Report Charts New Way Forward For Impacted Auto Communities

A report by the Center for Automotive Research, Repurposing Former Automotive Manufacturing Sites, highlights the unique challenges and opportunities associated with redevelopment of former auto industry assets. This report provides an assessment of trends in closed and repurposed facilities, as well as facts, guidance and lessons to model in moving forward with redevelopment. Download the PDF


Environmental Concerns Were Paramount in Settlement

In The GM Bankruptcy — The Environmental Story, Jim Redwine, RACER's Senior Environmental Counsel and Director of Environmental Support, and two co-authors describe the urgency with which cleanup needs were assessed and budgets implemented, with the goal of quickly establishing a framework for redevelopment and new jobs. Read more

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