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Willow Run Powertrain Plant & Engineering Center

One of the largest manufacturing facilities of its time when it was built in 1941 to build B-24 bombers for World War II, the Willow Run facility encompasses 311.68 acres and is located directly next to the Willow Run airport. There are buildings on the Property but these will be dismantled and removed. The Trust no longer is accepting offers for the buildings; the Property is being marketed exclusively to prospects with plans to redevelop the vacated land. Located just off Interstate 94, with a former rail spur that provided access to a main rail line, the Property, zoned AP, Airport, and I-C, Industrial Commercial, straddles both Washtenaw and Wayne counties.

Property Information

  • Property Name: Willow Run Powertrain Plant & Engineering Center
  • Address: 2930 Ecorse Road, Ypsilanti, MI
  • Contact for sale: Bruce Rasher
  • Acreage: 311.68
  • Description of Property: Land only
  • Zoning/Tax ID Number(s):

    AP, Airport: 82-83-025-99-0002-701, 82-83-025-99-0003-702 I-C, Industrial Commercial: K-11-12-100-006, K-11-12-200-003

  • RACER Site ID: 11991 & 11992

Environmental Information

11991-Powertrain-Letter to MDEQ-Soil&GW Inv-Airport Parcel Swap.pdf
11991-Powertrain-LNAPL Rpt-Apps A,B,C,D.pdf
11991-Powertrain-LNAPL Rpt-Apps E, F, G, H.pdf
11991-Powertrain-LNAPL Rpt-Text, Figures, Tables.pdf
11991-Powertrain-Memo-RFI Add 2 Data Results.pdf
11991-Powertrain-NE Area CMIP.pdf
11991-Powertrain-RFI Report-App A-C- September 2013.pdf
11991-Powertrain-RFI Report-App D-F- September 2013.pdf
11991-Powertrain-RFI Report-Text Figures & Tables-September 2013.pdf
11991-Powertrain-RFI Work Plan Add 1.pdf
11991-Powertrain-RFI Work Plan Add 2.pdf
11991-Powertrain-RFI WorkPlan-Add3-Oct 2014.pdf
11991-Powertrain-Southern Hydraulic Inv Memo-Sept 2014.pdf
2010 Groundwater Sampling Report -Former GM Powertrain Willow Run.pdf
2013-09-30 – 11991 – RACER Willow Run – Declaration of Restrictive Covenant - for Willow Run -Recorded.pdf
2013-12-17 CMIP approval CA complete landswap area.pdf
2014-01-28 – 11991 – RACER Willow Run –Declaration of Restrictive Covenant-Land Swap.pdf
2014-11-05 – 11991 – RACER Willow Run – Declaration of Restrictive Covenant - Wayne County-YAM- Recorded.PDF
2014-11-12 – 11991 – RACER Willow Run – 05. Restrictive Use Agreement - Washtenaw County - YAM - Recorded.pdf
2014-11-12 – 11991 – RACER Willow Run – 07. Declaration of Restrictive Covenant - Washtenaw County - YAM - Recorded.pdf
2016-07-27-11991-WillowRunPowertrain-Memo166D-RACER-RCRA Update.pdf
2016-09-14-11991-WillowRunPowertrain-Memo159-Out Parcel I Memo.pdf
2016-09-14-11991-WillowRunPowertrain-Memo160-Out Parcel II Memo.pdf
2016-09-14-11991-WillowRunPowertrain-Memo161-Out Parcel III Memo.pdf
2016-09-14-11991-WillowRunPowertrain-Memo162-Out Parcel IV Memo.pdf
2016-11-10 – 11991 – RACER Willow Run – Tab B.5. - Declaration of Restrictive Covenant (MDEQ) (01503819xAB04A).pdf
2016-11-10 – 11991 – RACER Willow Run – Tab B.6. - Declaration of Restrictive Covenant TSCA Issues (01503821xAB04A).pdf
2016-11-30 – 11991 – RACER Willow Run – Tab C.8. - Environmental Easement Agreement (01503836xAB04A).pdf
2017-06-02-11991-WillowRunPowertrain-RPT39-Excavated Materials Management Plan.pdf
2017-08-31 – 11991 – RACER Willow Run – Recorded storm water easement agreement WCAA_YAM_WRAD_RACER.pdf
2018-10-18-11991-WillowRunPowertrain-Memo34- FFB-C Construction Summary.pdf
2019-02-08-11991-WillowRunPowertrain-RPT43-O&M Manual.pdf
2019-02-19-11991-WillowRunPowertrain-RPT42-HMI User Manual.pdf
2019-04-20-11991-WillowRunPowertrain-RPT45-LNAPL Evaluation Update.pdf
2020-03-09-11991-WillowRunPowertrain-LTR9-Lund-2019 Project Summary.pdf
2020-04-07-11991-WillowRunPowertrain-LTR8-Lund-Groundwater Update.pdf
2021-01-28-11991-WillowRunPowertrain-MEM-1-PFAS Data to EGLE.pdf
2022-05-10-11991-WillowRunPowertrain-LTR-9-2021 GWLs & Proposed Monitoring Network.pdf
2023-02-23-11991-WillowRunPowertrain-MEM-02-February PFAS sampling.pdf
2023-09-12-11991-WillowRunPowertrain-LTR-05-2023 Groundwater Level Monitoring Update.pdf
2023-12-08-11991-WillowRunPowertrain-LTR-06-2023 Groundwater Sampling Event.pdf
2024-02-12-11991-WillowRunPowertrain-LTR-14-Thallium Results Summary.pdf
2024-03-08-11991-WillowRunPowertrain-LTR-11-PCE Area Monitoring Update.pdf
2024-05-02-11991-WillowRunPowertrain-LRT-17-2024 Well Abandonment Update.pdf
Allowable Build-To Heights per FAA MDOT 01-14-2015.pdf
American Center for Mobility - 11991 - Discussion of Restrictive Covenants Letter - 2018-01-12.pdf
Compendium of Hydrogeologic Data - 1996.pdf
Current Conditions Report - Confirmation Letter from MDEQ.pdf
Design Implementaiton ad Perofmrance of the Product Recovery System - ATF Area - 1991.pdf
Dynamometer GW Sampling - 2001.pdf
Free Product Recovery Systems - annual monitoring report 2000.pdf
Free Product Recovery Test memo - 2001.doc
Gauging_Product Recvoery - April - May 1996.pdf
Gauging_Product Recvoery - Oct - Dec 1995.pdf
Gauging_Product Recvoery_ Semi-annual Sampling- Jan - March 1995 - ATF area.pdf
Gauging_Product Recvoery_ Semi-annual Sampling- Jan - March 1995 - Bay E28.pdf
June 18th 2013 Public Meeting Fact Sheet - Powertrain.pdf
Limited Remedial Investigation Report - Western End - 2004.pdf
LNAPL Characterization memo - Eastern End - 2005.pdf
LNAPL Mobility Work Plan - West and Central Plumes.pdf
LNAPL Sampling Event Results -2004 - DRAFT MEMO.pdf
MDEQ - 1002 - Declaration of Restrictive Covenant - Powertrain - 2014-1106 - Recorded.pdf
MDEQ - 11991 - Confirmed release number C-0060-12 UST - 2012-06-02.pdf
MDEQ - 11991 - Discussion of Restrictive Covenants - Willow Run - 2018-01-12.pdf
MDEQ - 11991 - Request to Void ROP Accepted - 2015-05-04.pdf
MDEQ and JRRDO -11991- Support USEPAs decision on YAM to record DRC - Willow Run - 2015-0115.pdf
MDEQ Approval Conduct LUST activities under Part 201_Part 111.pdf
MDEQ Clarification of all open UST can be handled under Part 111_201.pdf
Northeast Area Summary Report -Willow Run Plant.pdf
OM Report - Product Recovery System - ATF Area - 1998.pdf
OMM Draft Report Product Recovery System - AFT Area - 1998.pdf
PAOC & RCRA Rew-GMPTG Willow Run Facility-3-24-09.pdf
PCBs in LNAPL.pdf
Powertrain Current Conditions Report - Draft Considered Final.pdf
Powertrain Supplemental RFI Report No. 1 Letter Report.pdf
PT Waste Inspection Letter from MDEQ - June 2012.pdf
Review of GMPT Files for Historical PCB Analytical Data Memo.pdf
Site specific target levels for subsurface soils and groundwater - 2001.pdf
Spring 2008-GW Sampling Rpt-GMPTG Willow Run Facility-1-09.pdf
Tech memo 1 - Assessment Modelling for Removal of Free Product Bay E28.pdf
Willow Run Powertrain RFI Work Plan.pdf
WR Investigation Summary Report final122710.pdf
WRPT RFI Work Plan Receipt letter from MDEQ.pdf
Ypsilanti Community Utilities Authority - 119910 - Industrial User Permit RT 12-17 - Willow Run - Effective Date 01-2015 - Expiration Date 12-31-2015.pdf

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