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Pontiac North Campus

Of the Property’s original 225 acres and 1.45 million square-feet of building space, approximately 5 vacant acres remain unsold and available for immediate redevelopment. The 2-acre parcel located at 200 Montcalm Street lies within in a Qualified Opportunity Zone. To the extent environmental activities are required for any of these remaining parcels, RACER Trust conducts the activities in accordance with oversight from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Property Information

  • Property Name: Pontiac North Campus
  • Address: Various Locations, Pontiac, MI
  • Acreage: 5 Total
  • Description of Property: Remaining areas are smaller flat, vacant parcels with utilities available.
  • Regional Transmission Organization (RTO): Click here
  • Public Utilities Commission (PUC): Click here
  • Facility ID: 11970

No Further Action Documents

No Further Action Letter (USEPA)

Property Photos

200 E. Montcalm Street - Taken Oct. 2020
200 E. Montcalm Street, Facing North - Taken Oct. 2020
200 E. Montcalm Street, Facing Northwest - Taken Oct. 2020
200 E. Montcalm Street, Facing West - Taken Oct. 2020
NW Corner of Joslyn & 2nd Avenues, Facing East
NW Corner of Joslyn & 2nd Avenues, Facing Northwest
NW Corner of Joslyn & 4th Avenues, Facing East
NW Corner of Joslyn & 4th Avenues, Facing North
SE Corner of Joslyn & Lebaron Avenues, Facing South
SE Corner of Joslyn Avenue & Wesbrook Street, Facing North

Environmental Information

2000-11-Pontiac North-11970-Phase II Environmental Site Investigation CN & Grand Trunk-Final.pdf
2000-11-Pontiac North-11970-Phase II Environmental Site Investigation CN and Grand Trunk Railroad Property Pontiac MI-Final.pdf
2001-01-31-Pontiac North-11970- 1- CCR Vol 1 MFD&WestYard-Final.pdf
2001-01-31-Pontiac North-11970- 3-CCR Vol III MFD West Yard-Final.pdf
2001-01-31-Pontiac North-11970-CCR Volume I of IV-Final.pdf
2001-01-31-Pontiac North-11970-CCR Volume II of IV-Reduced Final.pdf
2001-01-31-Pontiac North-11970-CCR Volume III of IV-Final.pdf
2001-01-31-Pontiac North-11970-ENCORE Current Conditions Report Vol IV of IV.pdf
2001-01-31-Pontiac North-119706.5.18.2 2- CCR Vol II West Yard-Final.pdf
2002-04-29-Pontiac North-11970- 4 RFI Report MFD West Yard-Final.pdf
2002-04-29-Pontiac North-11970-RFI Report-Final.pdf
2003-11-26-Pontiac North-11970- 5 Supp RFI Report MFD WY-Final.pdf
2003-11-26-Pontiac North-11970-CMP-Final.pdf
2003-11-26-Pontiac North-11970-RFI Supplemental-Final.pdf
2005-07-15-Pontiac North-11970-Pontiac North-11970-AIR Methane Investigation Summary-Final.pdf
2005-12-19-Pontiac North-11970-Due Care Plan Rev 5-Final.pdf
2005-12-19-Pontiac North-11970-Due Care Plan Rev 5.1-Final.pdf
2006-05-15-Pontiac North-11970-Mannik & Smith Ventin System Design Docs-Final.pdf
2006-05-25-Pontiac North-11970-AIR Methane Investigation Work Plan-Final.pdf
2006-06-22-Pontiac North-11970-Methane Results March 05 - June 06-Draft.pdf
2006-09-08-Pontiac North-119070-Mannik & Smith Cover Soil Summary-Final.pdf
2006-10-11-Pontiac North-11970-Phase I ESA Parking Lot West of SPO-Final.pdf
2007-02-07-Pontiac North-11970-IMR LNAPL Area No. 3-Final.pdf
2007-02-07-Pontiac North-11970-LNAPL Mobility Eval TEXT FIGURES TABLES Final.pdf
2007-11-Pontiac North-11970-CRA Due Care Plan-Final.pdf
2008 - Pontiac North -11970 - Overall Site Plan.pdf
2011-03-Pontiac North-11970-Annual GW Monitoring Report-Final.pdf
2011-09-23-Pontiac North-11970-AOC Executed-Final.pdf
2012-01-05-Pontiac North-11970-2011 Annual GW Monitoring Report-Final.pdf
2012-07-09-Pontiac North-11970-RFI-Draft.pdf
2013-02-13-Pontiac North-11970-2012 GW Report-Final.pdf
2014-04–Pontiac North–11970–Annual Groundwater Monitoring Report-Final.pdf
2014-12-19-Pontiac North-11970-2014 Annual GW Monitoring Report-Final.pdf
2015-02-05-Pontiac North-11970-Montcalm Avenue Seep Assessment-Final.pdf
2015-05-29-Ponitac North-11970-2013_2014 LNAPL Investigation Tech Memo_Final.pdf
2015-06-30-Pontiac North-11970-Fiero CMS-Final.pdf
2015-07-13-Pontiac North-Semi Annual Rpt Jan_Jun 2015-final.pdf
2015-08-17-Pontiac North-11970-2014-2015 PCB Investigation Summary-Draft.pdf
2015-11-03-Pontiac North-11970-2012 Sewer Bulkheading Summary Memo-Final.pdf
2015-12-Pontiac North-11970-2015 Annual GW Monitoring Report-Final.pdf
2016-01-14-Pontiac North-11970-Semi Annual Rpt Jul-Dec 2015-Final.pdf
2016-03-21-Pontiac North-11970-USPS Parcel Summary for USEPA Review-Final.pdf
2016-07-15-Pontiac North-11970-Semi Annual Rpt Jan_June 2016-Final.pdf
2016-07-21-Pontiac North-11970-Sup Charac Memo-Final.pdf
2016-07-29-Pontiac North-11970-Duck Pond Env Cond Memo-Final.pdf
2016-09-01-Pontiac North-11970-Supp Soil Gas Evaluation Memo-Draft.pdf
2016-09-21-Pontiac North-11970-Duck Pond Restrictive Covenant Recorded-Final.pdf
2016-09-21-Pontiac North-11970-Montcalm & Saginaw DRC-Final.pdf
2016-11-21-Pontiac North-11970-14-Dioxane Work Plan-Final .pdf
2016-11-21-Pontiac North-11970-Former Plant 14 Parcel Well Locations-Draft.pdf
2016-11-29-Pontiac North-11970-Soil Cap IM Figure 4-Draft.pdf
2016-12-29-Pontiac North-11970-2016 Annual GW Monitoring Report-Final.pdf
2017-01-16-Pontiac North-11970-Semi Annual Rpt July_Dec 2016-Final.pdf
2017-03-28-Pontiac North-11970-1,4-D Supp Scope of Work-Final.pdf
2017-05-04-Pontiac North-11970-Well Abandonment Request-Final.pdf
2017-07-13-Pontiac North-11970-Semi Annual Rpt Jan_June 2017-Final.pdf
2017-07-28-Pontiac North-11970-2016 Annual GW Report Addendum-Final.pdf
2017-10-23-Pontiac North-11970-RACER One Portion of Pontiac North - Declaration of Restrictive Covenant - Recorded 2017 11 07-Final.pdf
2017-11-Pontiac North-11970-Montcalm Seep Interim Measure Work Plan-Final.pdf
2017-12-07-Ponitac North-11970-2017 1,4-Dioxane Supp Investigation Memo-Final.pdf
2018-01-15-Pontiac North-Semi Annual Rpt July_December 2017-Final.pdf
2018-01-31-Pontiac North-11970-2017 Injection Test Summary Arcadis Memo Rpt-Final.pdf
2018-02-27-Pontiac North-11970-2017 PCB Delineation Summary-Final.pdf
2018-02-Pontiac North-11970-2017 Annual GW Monitoring Report-Final.pdf
2018-04-13-Pontiac North-Montcalm Rev Seep IMWP-Final.pdf
2018-04-20 - 11970 Pontiac North Declaration of Restrictive Covenant - USPS Parcel - Recorded.pdf
2018-04-27-Pontiac North-11970-2018 LNAPL IM Feas Design Spec Test Memo-Final.pdf
2018-05-08-Pontiac North-11970-2018 PCB Delineation Summary-Final.pdf
2018-06-13-Ponitac North-11970-2018 Supp 14-D VOC Investigation Summary Memo-Final.pdf
2018-07-10-Pontiac North-11970-Semi Annual Report Jan-Jun 2018-Final.pdf
2018-07-25-Pontiac North-11970-2018 PCB Addtl Delineation Summary-Final.pdf
2018-08-27 - Pontiac North - 11970 - LNAPL Pre-design - Transmissivity Test and Interim Measures Work Plan.pdf
2018-12-26-Pontiac North-11970-USPS Data Package-Draft.pdf
2019-01-09-Pontiac North-11970-SW Fiero GW VOC USEPA SLs Comparison Memo-Final.pdf
2019-01-11-Pontiac North-11970-Semi Annual Report Jul-Dec 2018-Final.pdf
2019-01-18-Pontiac North-11970-Former Fiero Parking Lot Data Package-Final.pdf
2019-01-29-Pontiac North-11970-2018 Annual GW Monitoring Report Pkg w App C-Final.pdf
2019-05-28-Pontiac North-11970-USPS Ph 1 ESA Reference Memo Pkg-Draft.pdf
2019-07-10-Pontiac North-11970-PCB Interim Measures Work Plan-Final.pdf
2020-01-14-Pontiac North-11970-Semi Annual Report Jul-Dec 2019-Final.pdf
2020-02-18-Pontiac North-11970-2019 Annual GW Monitoring Report-Revised Final.pdf
2020-04-28 - Pontiac North - 11970 - RW-08-14 LNAPL IM Tech Memo - Final.pdf
2020-05-12 - Pontiac Proastio Parcels - 11970 DRC Restated Amend 01 - RC-OWMRP-111-20-002 - Recorded.pdf
2020-05-12 - Pontiac Rail Parcels - 11970 DRC Restated Amend 01 - RC-OWMRP-111-20-001 - Recorded.pdf
2020-07-14 - Pontiac North - 11970 - USEPA Semiannual Rpt - Final.pdf
2020-07-15 - Pontiac North - 11970 - Montcalm IM Completion Report - Final.pdf
2020-07-17 - Pontiac North - Project Update - Fiero Off-site Investigation.pdf
2020-09-10 - Pontiac North - 11970 - Montcalm IM Monitoring Report-FINAL.pdf
2020-10-26 - Pontiac North - 11970 - Joslyn SOW - Final.pdf
2020-11-06 - Pontiac North - Project Update - Fiero VI Investigation Results.pdf
2020-12-18 - Pontiac North - 11970 - Fiero Well Abandonment Summary_Final.pdf
2020-12-18 - Pontiac North - 11970 - Fiero Well Locating Summary_Final.pdf
2021-01-14 - Pontiac North - 11970 - USEPA Semiannual Rpt - Final.pdf
2021-01-19 - Pontiac North - 11970 - Joslyn Parcel Tech Memo - Final.pdf
2021-03-04 - Pontiac North - 11970 - Annual 2020 GW Mtrg Report - Final.pdf
2021-03-04 - Pontiac North - 11970 -2020 LNAPL_Tn Test_Memo_Final.pdf
2021-03-04 - Pontiac North - 11970 -2020 LNAPL_Tn Test_Memo_Final.pdf
2021-03-31 - Pontiac North - 11970 - PCB IMWP Completion Report - Final.pdf
2021-05-14 - Pontiac North - 11970 - Fiero VI Investigation Report - FINAL.pdf
2021-08-03 - Pontiac North - 11970 - Joslyn N Parcel Investigation Report - Final Rev.pdf
2021-09-07 - Pontiac North - 11970 - Fiero Source Investigation SOW - Final.pdf
2021-09-08 - Pontiac North - 11970 -2021 Fiero VI CSM_Final.pdf
2021-09-08 - Pontiac North - Project Update - Fiero Off-site VI Investigation Results and Planned Additional Activity - Final.pdf
2021-09-29 - Pontiac North - USEPA Joslyn North Parcel NFA Letter to RACER (signed).pdf
2021-12-20 - Pontiac North - 11970 - Joslyn North Well Abandonment Summary Memo_Final.pdf
2022-01-18 - 11970 Amended Restated DRC - Pontiac North - USPS - RC-OWMRP-111-21-006 - Recorded.pdf
2022-01-20 - Pontiac North - Project Update - Fiero Off-site VI Investigation.pdf
2022-02-23 - Pontiac North - Fiero Temporary Monitoring Plan - Final.pdf
2022-04-08-11970-Pontiac North-Fiero Well Abandonment Recommendation_Final.pdf
2022-04-15 - Pontiac North - 11970 - 2021 PNC Properties Inspection Report_Final_reduced.pdf
2022-04-22 - 11160 - Fiero Powerhouse Env Summary_Final.pdf
2022-06-22 - Pontiac North - 11970 - Environmental Fact Sheet - NE Corner of Joslyn & Wesbrook.pdf
2022-07-06 - Pontiac North - 11970 - Environmental Fact Sheet - SE Corner of Joslyn & Wesbrook.pdf
2022-09-07-11970-Pontiac North Campus-FTMP 2Q Results_Final.pdf
Marketing Brochure for Sold Parcel - 501 North Glenwood Avenue.pdf