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Pontiac North

Encompassing approximately 41.9 acres about a mile north of Downtown Pontiac, this property includes a large vacant parcel on N. Glenwood Avenue which is zoned M-2, Heavy Manufacturing. Utilities are available on site or nearby.

Property Information

  • Property Name: Pontiac North
  • Address: 501 North Glenwood Avenue, Pontiac, MI
  • Contact for sale: Bruce Rasher
  • Acreage: 41.9
  • Description of Property: Vacant parcel
  • Zoning/Tax ID Number(s):

    M-2, Heavy Manufacturing: 63-64-14-20-276-001

  • Infrastructure:
  • Facility ID: 11970

Environmental Information

2000-11-Pontiac North-11970-Phase II Environmental Site Investigation CN & Grand Trunk-Final.pdf
2000-11-Pontiac North-11970-Phase II Environmental Site Investigation CN and Grand Trunk Railroad Property Pontiac MI-Final.pdf
2001-01-31-Pontiac North-11970- 1- CCR Vol 1 MFD&WestYard-Final.pdf
2001-01-31-Pontiac North-11970- 3-CCR Vol III MFD West Yard-Final.pdf
2001-01-31-Pontiac North-11970-CCR Volume I of IV-Final.pdf
2001-01-31-Pontiac North-11970-CCR Volume II of IV-Reduced Final.pdf
2001-01-31-Pontiac North-11970-CCR Volume III of IV-Final.pdf
2001-01-31-Pontiac North-11970-ENCORE Current Conditions Report Vol IV of IV.pdf
2001-01-31-Pontiac North-119706.5.18.2 2- CCR Vol II West Yard-Final.pdf
2002-04-29-Pontiac North-11970- 4 RFI Report MFD West Yard-Final.pdf
2002-04-29-Pontiac North-11970-RFI Report-Final.pdf
2003-11-26-Pontiac North-11970- 5 Supp RFI Report MFD WY-Final.pdf
2003-11-26-Pontiac North-11970-CMP-Final.pdf
2003-11-26-Pontiac North-11970-RFI Supplemental-Final.pdf
2005-07-15-Pontiac North-11970-Pontiac North-11970-AIR Methane Investigation Summary-Final.pdf
2005-12-19-Pontiac North-11970-Due Care Plan Rev 5-Final.pdf
2005-12-19-Pontiac North-11970-Due Care Plan Rev 5.1-Final.pdf
2006-05-15-Pontiac North-11970-Mannik & Smith Ventin System Design Docs-Final.pdf
2006-05-25-Pontiac North-11970-AIR Methane Investigation Work Plan-Final.pdf
2006-06-22-Pontiac North-11970-Methane Results March 05 - June 06-Draft.pdf
2006-09-08-Pontiac North-119070-Mannik & Smith Cover Soil Summary-Final.pdf
2006-10-11-Pontiac North-11970-Phase I ESA Parking Lot West of SPO-Final.pdf
2007-02-07-Pontiac North-11970-IMR LNAPL Area No. 3-Final.pdf
2007-02-07-Pontiac North-11970-LNAPL Mobility Eval TEXT FIGURES TABLES Final.pdf
2007-11-Pontiac North-11970-CRA Due Care Plan-Final.pdf
2011-03-Pontiac North-11970-Annual GW Monitoring Report-Final.pdf
2011-09-23-Pontiac North-11970-AOC Executed-Final.pdf
2012-01-05-Pontiac North-11970-2011 Annual GW Monitoring Report-Final.pdf
2012-07-09-Pontiac North-11970-RFI-Draft.pdf
2013-02-13-Pontiac North-11970-2012 GW Report-Final.pdf
2014-04–Pontiac North–11970–Annual Groundwater Monitoring Report-Final.pdf
2014-12-19-Pontiac North-11970-2014 Annual GW Monitoring Report-Final.pdf
2015-02-05-Pontiac North-11970-Montcalm Avenue Seep Assessment-Final.pdf
2015-05-29-Ponitac North-11970-2013_2014 LNAPL Investigation Tech Memo_Final.pdf
2015-06-30-Pontiac North-11970-Fiero CMS-Final.pdf
2015-07-13-Pontiac North-Semi Annual Rpt Jan_Jun 2015-final.pdf
2015-08-17-Pontiac North-11970-2014-2015 PCB Investigation Summary-Draft.pdf
2015-11-03-Pontiac North-11970-2012 Sewer Bulkheading Summary Memo-Final.pdf
2015-12-Pontiac North-11970-2015 Annual GW Monitoring Report-Final.pdf
2016-01-14-Pontiac North-11970-Semi Annual Rpt Jul-Dec 2015-Final.pdf
2016-03-21-Pontiac North-11970-USPS Parcel Summary for USEPA Review-Final.pdf
2016-07-15-Pontiac North-11970-Semi Annual Rpt Jan_June 2016-Final.pdf
2016-07-21-Pontiac North-11970-Sup Charac Memo-Final.pdf
2016-07-29-Pontiac North-11970-Duck Pond Env Cond Memo-Final.pdf
2016-09-01-Pontiac North-11970-Supp Soil Gas Evaluation Memo-Draft.pdf
2016-09-21-Pontiac North-11970-Duck Pond Restrictive Covenant Recorded-Final.pdf
2016-09-21-Pontiac North-11970-Montcalm & Saginaw DRC-Final.pdf
2016-11-21-Pontiac North-11970-14-Dioxane Work Plan-Final .pdf
2016-11-21-Pontiac North-11970-Former Plant 14 Parcel Well Locations-Draft.pdf
2016-11-29-Pontiac North-11970-Soil Cap IM Figure 4-Draft.pdf
2016-12-29-Pontiac North-11970-2016 Annual GW Monitoring Report-Final.pdf
2017-01-16-Pontiac North-11970-Semi Annual Rpt July_Dec 2016-Final.pdf
2017-03-28-Pontiac North-11970-1,4-D Supp Scope of Work-Final.pdf
2017-05-04-Pontiac North-11970-Well Abandonment Request-Final.pdf
2017-07-13-Pontiac North-11970-Semi Annual Rpt Jan_June 2017-Final.pdf
2017-07-28-Pontiac North-11970-2016 Annual GW Report Addendum-Final.pdf
2017-10-23-Pontiac North-11970-RACER One Portion of Pontiac North - Declaration of Restrictive Covenant - Recorded 2017 11 07-Final.pdf
2017-11-Pontiac North-11970-Montcalm Seep Interim Measure Work Plan-Final.pdf
2017-12-07-Ponitac North-11970-2017 1,4-Dioxane Supp Investigation Memo-Final.pdf
2018-01-15-Pontiac North-Semi Annual Rpt July_December 2017-Final.pdf
2018-01-31-Pontiac North-11970-2017 Injection Test Summary Arcadis Memo Rpt-Final.pdf
2018-02-27-Pontiac North-11970-2017 PCB Delineation Summary-Final.pdf
2018-02-Pontiac North-11970-2017 Annual GW Monitoring Report-Final.pdf
2018-04-13-Pontiac North-Montcalm Rev Seep IMWP-Final.pdf
2018-04-20 - 11970 Pontiac North Declaration of Restrictive Covenant - USPS Parcel - Recorded.pdf
2018-04-27-Pontiac North-11970-2018 LNAPL IM Feas Design Spec Test Memo-Final.pdf
2018-05-08-Pontiac North-11970-2018 PCB Delineation Summary-Final.pdf
2018-06-13-Ponitac North-11970-2018 Supp 14-D VOC Investigation Summary Memo-Final.pdf
2018-07-10-Pontiac North-11970-Semi Annual Report Jan-Jun 2018-Final.pdf
2018-07-25-Pontiac North-11970-2018 PCB Addtl Delineation Summary-Final.pdf
2018-12-26-Pontiac North-11970-USPS Data Package-Draft.pdf
2019-01-09-Pontiac North-11970-SW Fiero GW VOC USEPA SLs Comparison Memo-Final.pdf
2019-01-11-Pontiac North-11970-Semi Annual Report Jul-Dec 2018-Final.pdf
2019-01-18-Pontiac North-11970-Former Fiero Parking Lot Data Package-Final.pdf
2019-01-29-Pontiac North-11970-2018 Annual GW Monitoring Report Pkg w App C-Final.pdf
2019-05-28-Pontiac North-11970-USPS Ph 1 ESA Reference Memo Pkg-Draft.pdf
2019-07-10-Pontiac North-11970-PCB Interim Measures Work Plan-Final.pdf
2020-01-14-Pontiac North-11970-Semi Annual Report Jul-Dec 2019-Final.pdf
2020-02-18-Pontiac North-11970-2019 Annual GW Monitoring Report-Revised Final.pdf
2020-04-28 - Pontiac North - 11970 - RW-08-14 LNAPL IM Tech Memo - Final.pdf
2020-05-12 - Pontiac Proastio Parcels - 11970 DRC Restated Amend 01 - RC-OWMRP-111-20-002 - Recorded.pdf
2020-05-12 - Pontiac Rail Parcels - 11970 DRC Restated Amend 01 - RC-OWMRP-111-20-001 - Recorded.pdf
2020-07-14 - Pontiac North - 11970 - USEPA Semiannual Rpt - Final.pdf
2020-07-15 - Pontiac North - 11970 - Montcalm IM Completion Report - Final.pdf
2020-07-17 - RACER Pontiac North - Fiero Off-site VI Investigation Update.pdf
2020-09-10 - Pontiac North - 11970 - Montcalm IM Monitoring Report-FINAL.pdf
2020-10-26 - Pontiac North - 11970 - Joslyn SOW - Final.pdf
2020-11-06 - RACER Project Update - Pontiac North Fiero VI Investigation Results.pdf
2020-12-18 - Pontiac North - 11970 - Fiero Well Abandonment Summary_Final.pdf
2020-12-18 - Pontiac North - 11970 - Fiero Well Locating Summary_Final.pdf
2021-01-14 - Pontiac North - 11970 - USEPA Semiannual Rpt - Final.pdf
2021-01-19 - Pontiac North - 11970 - Joslyn Parcel Tech Memo - Final.pdf
2021-03-04 - Pontiac North - 11970 - Annual 2020 GW Mtrg Report - Final.pdf
2021-03-04 - Pontiac North - 11970 -2020 LNAPL_Tn Test_Memo_Final.pdf
2021-03-31 - Pontiac North - 11970 - PCB IMWP Completion Report - Final.pdf
2021-05-14 - Pontiac North - 11970 - Fiero VI Investigation Report - FINAL.pdf
2021-08-03 - Pontiac North - 11970 - Joslyn N Parcel Investigation Report - Final Rev.pdf
2021-09-07 - Pontiac North - 11970 - Fiero Source Investigation SOW - Final.pdf
2021-09-29 - Pontiac North - USEPA Joslyn North Parcel NFA Letter to RACER (signed).pdf
Site Plan.pdf

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