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Located directly adjacent to railroad tracks and the US 24 Business Route, this 75-acre property is located in an area zoned MUD, Mixed Use Development, less than a mile from downtown Pontiac. The property is fenced, and much of the area is paved.

  • Property Name: PCC Validation Industrial Land I
  • Address: 25 Rapid Street, Pontiac, MI
  • Contact for sale: Bruce Rasher
  • Acreage: 75
  • Description of Property: Fenced and mostly paved parcel
  • Zoning/Tax ID Number(s):

    MUD, Mixed Use Development: 63-64-14-33-302-001, 63-64-14-33-302-002, 63-64-14-33-302-003, 63-64-14-33-303-017, 63-64-14-33-351-001, 63-64-14-33-351-012

  • Infrastructure: Paved parking, available electric and water, rail access
  • Facility ID: 13061
017322Memo-41 PCC Val GW_2018-09-04.pdf
1306-1 Site Map.jpg
13061 NF Engineers Floor Slab Exhibit Map.pdf 017322-RPT-1-Phase I ESA-PCC-VC, Pontiac, MI-October 2006.pdf 017322-RPT-1-Phase I ESA-PCC-VC, Pontiac, MI-October 2006_1.pdf 017322-RPT5.pdf Pontiac_Validation_Evaluation_20081219.pdf
DRAFT PCC-Validation MW Sampling Plan 3-5-18.pdf
ENCORE PSF - 111-W - Pontiac Validation Center - 05-30-08.pdf
ESA Data Summary and SOW for Additional 2012 Field Work.pdf
PCC Validation - 017322AMemo-42D-PCB_Area - 2018-11-28.pdf
PCC Validation_AOC_2011-9-29_Executed.pdf
Phase I ESA - 13061 - 200 South Blvd West - 2009 1224.pdf
Phase I PAOC Figure.jpg
Phase II Figures_Page_1.jpg
Phase II Figures_Page_2.jpg
Phase II Figures_Page_4.jpg
Phase II USGS.jpg
Pontiac Validation.pptx
RACER PCC Validation - Phase I ESA - South Parking Lot - 2006-08.pdf
RACER PCC Validation - Supplement to CCR - 017322-RPT-14 - 2011-12-12.pdf
RACER PCC Validation CCR - 017322-RPT-14-08-29-11-complete.pdf
RACER PCC Validation PCB Soil Excavation Memo-36D - 2015-10-12.pdf
RACER Trust PCC Validation CA750 3-3-16.pdf
Validation - 3rd & 4th Qtr 2018 Sampling Results - 2019-02-18.pdf