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Kokomo Industrial Land

The site of the former GM Delco Plant 5 on North Washington Street comprises 10.14 acres of land in a mixed commercial/residential area on the north end of Kokomo. The land was the home of a plant that initially was constructed for Apperson Brothers Automobile Co. in 1915. GM Delco assembled circuit boards at the site from 1953 to 1991. The plant was demolished in 1993. The majority of the site is a vacant grass field with the exception of a 4.31-acre parking lot and dead-end road in the northern portion of the site.

Property Information

  • Property Name: Kokomo Industrial Land
  • Address: 1723 North Washington Street, Kokomo, IN
  • Contact for sale: Bruce Rasher
  • Acreage: 10.14
  • Description of Property: Vacant land
  • Zoning/Tax ID Number(s):

    MI, Moderate Intensity Industrial/Light Manufacturing: 34-03-25-203-002.000-002, 34-03-25-206-001.000-002

  • Transportation: Airport, Highway
  • Regional Transmission Organization (RTO): Click here
  • Public Utilities Commission (PUC): Click here
  • Utilities: Electricity, Natural Gas, Municipal Sewer, Municipal Water
  • Property Type: Vacant Land
  • Facility ID: 12880

Property Photos


Environmental Information

0_2022-11-10_Kokomo CMI Project Progress.pdf
0_Kokomo CMI Project Progress Update Through 01-31-2023.pdf
0_Kokomo CMI Project Progress Update Through 12-31-2022.pdf
0_Kokomo CMI Project Progress Update Through 12.02.2022.pdf
0_Kokomo CMI Weekly Report_through week beginning 08-01-2022.pdf
1288-Kokomo Indiana Conceptual Design and Cost.doc
12880 Kokomo 3rd Quarter 2016 Progress Report.pdf
12880 Kokomo 2nd Quarter 2016 Progress Report.pdf
12880 Kokomo 4th Quarter 2016 Progress Report.pdf
12880 Kokomo First Half 2016 Data Report.pdf
12880 Kokomo Second Half 2016 Data Report.pdf
2005-10-07 RACER Kokomo RCRA Corrective Action Description of Current Conditions Report (Redacted).pdf
2006-01-19_RACER Trust Kokomo_RFI Data Report.pdf
2006-05-26 RACER Kokomo Data Report – RCRA Facility Investigation (Redacted).pdf
2007-05-01 RACER Kokomo Data Report – RCRA Facility Investigation (Redacted).pdf
2007-10-26 RACER Kokomo Soil Gas Data Report_redacted.pdf
2010-05-21 RACER Kokomo RCRA Facility Investigation Report – Performance-Based RCRA Corrective Action (Redacted).pdf
2011-12-06_RACER Trust Kokomo_Corrective Measures Proposal.pdf
2012-03-23_RACER Trust Kokomo_Supplemental Memo_Corrective Measures Proposal.pdf
2014-07-14_RACER Trust Kokomo_ISCO Investigation Work Plan.pdf
2015-04-14 1st Quarter 2015 Progress Report.pdf
2015-07-14 2nd Quarter 2015 Progress Report.pdf
2015-07-14 First Half 2015 Data Report.pdf
2015-10-14 3rd Quarter 2015 Progress Report.pdf
2015-10-19 RACER Kokomo VI CSM_redacted.pdf
2016-01-15 4th Quarter 2015 Progress Report.pdf
2016-01-15 Second Half 2015 Data Report.pdf
2018-07-13_RACER Trust Kokomo-First Half 2018 Data Report with Supplemental PDI.pdf
2019-07-12_RACER Trust Kokomo First Half 2019 Semi Annual Report.pdf
2019-09-05 RACER Kokomo RCRA Corrective Action Measures Proposal (Redacted).pdf
2020-01-14_RACER Trust Kokomo Second Half 2019 Data Report.pdf
2022-07-14 Kokomo First Half 2022 Data Report.pdf
2023-01-13_Kokomo Second Half 2022 Progress and Data Report.pdf
2H10 CA750 Data Report.pdf
3qtr2013 Progress Report.pdf
4qtr2011 Progress Report-Former GM Delco Plant 5.pdf
4th Qtr 2010 VCAA Quarterly Letter.pdf
Arcadis - 12880 - First Half 2015 Data Report - Kokomo - 2015-0714.pdf
Arcadis - 12880 - Semi-Annual Progress and Data Report -First Half 2017 - Kokomo - 2017-7-14.pdf
Arcadis-12880- 2018 Second Half Progress and Data Report -Kokoms -2019-01-14.pdf
CA750 Second Half 2011 Data Report.pdf
CMI Work Plan_2022-07-11-complete.pdf
FINAL 1qtr2013 Progress Report.pdf
FINAL 1st Quarter 2016 Progress Report.pdf
FINAL 2qtr2013 Progress Report.pdf
FINAL 3rd Quarter 2015 Progress Report - 12880 - RCRA Corrective Action - Kokomo IN - 10-14-2015.pdf
FINAL 4qtr2013 Progress Report.pdf
Final CA750 First Half 2011 Data Report_071211.pdf
FINAL Kokomo First Half 2020 Data Report_071420.pdf
FINAL Kokomo Second Half 2020 Data Report_2021-1-14.pdf
Final Kokomo Second Half 2021 Data Report_1-14-22.pdf
FINAL_3qtr2012report2012 .pdf
Former GM Delco Plant 5 1Q11 Progress Report.pdf
Former GM Delco Plant 5 3Q11 Progress Report.pdf
Former GM Delco Plant 5 _Kokomo_ FEASIBILITY EVALUATIONS.pdf
Fourth Quarter 2009 Progress Report_Former GM Delco Plant 5_100114.pdf
Kokomo - 12880 Environmental Restrictive Covenant - N Parking Lot - 2017 0708 - Recorded.pdf
Kokomo 3rd Qtr 2009 Progress Report.pdf
Kokomo Aerial Photo & Tax Info-090903.pdf
Kokomo First Half 2018 Data Report_2018-07-13.pdf
Kokomo GW Evaluation-090410-draft.pdf
Kokomo Ind Plant 5 map.pdf
Kokomo Second Half 2017 Data Report.pdf
Kokomo Soil Gas Summary Letter to USEPA.pdf
Kokomo Tax Info-090903.pdf
Kokomo_1st Qtr_VCAA Letter.pdf
Kokomo_Final 2qtr2012report.pdf
Progress Report - 12880 - 2009 1st Quarter - 2009-04-14.pdf
Progress Report - 12880 - 2009 2nd Quarter - 2009-07-14.pdf
Progress Report - 12880 - 2014 1st Quarter - 2014-04-14.pdf
Progress Report - 12880 - 2014 2nd Quarter - 2014-7-14.pdf
Progress Report - 12880 - 2014 3rd Quarter - 2014-10-14.pdf
Progress Report - 12880 - 2014 4th Quarter - 2015-01-14.pdf
RACER Former GM Delco Facility Kokomo VAP Investigation Report.pdf
RACER Kokomo - 2nd Half 2014 Semi-Annual Data Report.pdf
RACER Kokomo - First Half 2014 Semi-Annual Data Report.pdf
RACER Kokomo - Second Half 2013 Semi-Annual Data Report.pdf
RACER Kokomo FDRC Signed 16June21.pdf
RACER Kokomo ISS Remediation_Ruel 5 Letter.pdf
RACER Kokomo Natural Attenuation Memorandum.pdf
RACER Trust Kokomo First Half 2021 Data and Progress Report_2021-7-15.pdf
RACER Trust Kokomo-Semi-Annual Status Report - First Half 2012.pdf
RCRA CA Report - 12880 - Documentation - 2009-11-30.pdf
RCRA CA Report - 12880 - USEPA - 2007-11-30.pdf
RCRA Supplemental Data Report - 12880 - June - 2008-06-27.pdf
RFI - Appendix D - HHRA Supporting Backup.pdf
RFI - Appendix E - Potentiometric Elevation Study.pdf
RFI Drawings.pdf
Second Half 2012 Data Report.pdf
Second Qtr 2011 Progress Report Cover Letter.pdf
Statement of Basis - 02-01-2021_962077.pdf
Supplemental Memo RCRA CA - 12880 - 2012-0323.pdf
USEPA - 12880 - RACER Kokomo 2nd Quarter 2015 Progress Report letter - Kokomo-2015-0714.pdf

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