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Industrial Land

These three vacant parcels initially were acquired by GM as it built Centerpoint Parkway, a private road. The parcel with no assigned address and 642 Meadow Drive are both zoned M-1, Light Manufacturing. 652 Meadow Drive is zoned C-1, Local Business. The southeast corner of 652 and 642 Meadow Drive, which extends into Centerpoint Parkway, was gifted through an easement to the City of Pontiac in 2002. Gas, electric, water and sewer are available nearby.

Property Information

  • Property Name: Industrial Land
  • Address: 652, 642, & unassigned address Meadow Drive, Pontiac
  • Contact for sale: Bruce Rasher
  • Acreage: All 3 parcels are approximately 1 Acre combined
  • Description of Property: Vacant property
  • Zoning/Tax ID Number(s):

    M-1, Light Manufacturing; C-1, Local Business: 14-34-451-031 (Formerly three parcels with distinct Tax ID numbers  — 63-64-14-34-451-015, 63-64-14-34-451-016, and 63-64-14-34-451-017)

  • RACER Site ID: 13120, 13130, and No RACER ID

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