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Indianapolis Stamping Plant

The former Stamping Plant land offers 103+/- acres of prime land just across the White River from downtown Indianapolis. The Property has excellent access from I-70 and is half a mile from new development emerging around Lucas Oil Stadium, home of the Indianapolis Colts. The Property offers exceptional views of the Indianapolis skyline and easy access to downtown. The former stamping plant and associated buildings have been dismantled and the site is ready for redevelopment.

Property Information

  • Property Name: Indianapolis Stamping Plant
  • Address: 340 S. White River Parkway W. Drive, Indianapolis, IN
  • Contact for sale: Bruce Rasher
  • Acreage: 103+/-
  • Description of Property: Vacant land; some slabs remain
  • Zoning/Tax ID Number(s):

    I4U-RC, Heavy Industrial Urban-Regional Center: 49-11-10-133-063.004-101, 49-11-10-133-056.000-101, 49-11-11-146-007.000-101, 49-11-10-133-063.006-101, 49-11-11-194-002.000-101

  • Infrastructure: Electric, water, storm sewer, sanitary sewer, rail access
  • Transportation: Railway, Airport, Highway
  • Utilities: Electricity, Natural Gas, Municipal Sewer, Municipal Water
  • Property Type: Vacant Land
  • Facility ID: 11910

Environmental Information

1191 Site Map.jpg
AOI 3 Soil Analytical Results for VOCs - 11910 - Indy - 2011 and 2012.pdf
Cover Letter - 11910 - DOCC - 2010-11-12.pdf
Cross Sections.pdf
Historical GW Flow Figures.pdf
IDEM Letter - 2012 0326 - Class 1 Permit Modification - Full Package.pdf
IDEM Site VIsit - AOI table and figure.pdf
Indy letter - two sided - english and spanish.pdf
Indy Neighbor Letter Formatted 052212.pdf
Indy neighbor VI letter ACCESS 082912.pdf
Indy neighbor VI letter NON-ACCESS 082912.pdf
Indy Stamping VI Fact Sheet August 2012.pdf
Indy Stamping VI Fact Sheet#1 SPANISH August 2012.pdf
Indy Stamping VOC Mitigation Fact Sheet Spanish.pdf
Indy Stamping VOC Mitigation Fact Sheet.pdf
Off Site GW Results_2013-01-09.pdf
On Site GW Results_2013-01-09.pdf
Phase 1 ESA - 11910 - Indy Metal Center - Text and Figures - 2010-04-30.pdf
Phase I ESA - 11910 - Indianapolis Stamping - 2010 0430.pdf
Phase I RFI Sampling Matrix-2010-11-12.pdf
Preliminary Assessment VSI - 11910 - Ulrich Chemical - 1993-12-22.pdf
RACER Project Indianapolis Stamping Survey.pdf
RACER_VI Indianapolis Fact Sheet#2 091212.pdf
RACER_VI Indianapolis Fact Sheet#2 091212_SPANISH.pdf
RCRA CA Data Report - 11910 - Indy Metal Center - 2012-03-15.pdf
Site Figure.jpg
Site Plan.pdf
Sitewide Groundwater Analytical Results for VOCs - 11910 - Indy - 2011 and 2012.pdf
Ulrich UST Closure Report - 11910 - 2000-08-03.pdf
Ulrich UST Locations.pdf
Ulrich UST Notification - 1986-04-21.pdf
Wastewater Tank Investigation Report - 11910 - 2006-09-18.pdf

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