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A 170.41-acre former landfill, this property, zoned M-2, General Industrial, and R-1A, Residential.Agricultural, had been part of the former GM Saginaw Malleable Iron property. The property is located just west of the Saginaw River, and south of the former Malleable Iron property.

  • Property Name: Greenpoint Landfill Land
  • Address: 3300 Salt Road, Saginaw, MI
  • Contact for sale: Bruce Rasher
  • Acreage: 170.41
  • Description of Property: Former landfill property
  • Zoning/Tax ID Number(s):

    M-2, General Industrial & R-1A, Residential/Agrilcultural: 19 2258 00000, 19 2258 00100 M-2, General Industrial: 19 2249 00000

  • Infrastructure: None
  • Transportation: Seaport, Airport, Highway
  • Property Type: Vacant Land, Landfill
  • Facility ID: 11060
1003_1003-1_1106 Site Map.jpg
1106 Site Map.jpg
1106_1328_1003 Site Map.jpg
1997-10_RI-FS Work Plan.pdf
2001-07-05 - 10030 - Malleable Iron - RI Report Vol V of V.pdf
2001-07-05- 10030 Malleable Iron RI Report Vol III of V_July 2001.pdf
2001-07-05- 10030 Malleable Iron RI Report Vol IV of V_July 2001.pdf
2001-07-05_RI Report_Vol I of V.pdf
2001-07-05_RI Report_Vol II of V.pdf
2003-07_Feasibility Study Report.pdf
2007-09-25_Due Care Plan_GPL.pdf
2016 RACER Saginaw Malleable and GPL Annual Report 12-15-16.pdf
2016-10-26 Malleable-Dioxin Summary Letter.pdf
2019-04-15 - Declaration of Restrictive Covenant - 10030 Green Point - Recorded.pdf
Annual Progress Report_Mar 1998 to Sept 1999.pdf
Annual Progress Report_Oct 1999 to Sept 2000.pdf
Annual Progress Report_Oct 2000 to Sept 2001.pdf
Annual Progress Report_Oct 2001 thru Sept 2002.pdf
Annual Progress Report_Oct 2002 thru Sept 2003.pdf
Annual Progress Report_Oct 2003 thru Sept 2004.pdf
Annual Progress Report_Oct 2004 thru Sept 2005.pdf
Annual Progress Report_Oct 2005 thru Sept 2006.pdf
Annual Progress Report_Oct 2006 thru Sept 2007.pdf
Annual Progress Report_Oct 2007 thru Sept 2008.pdf
Annual Progress Report_Oct 2008 thru Sept 2009.pdf
B0050096_GPL_2012 Annual Report 17Dec2012.pdf
GPL_Drain Tile Removal Summary 07.16.13_Rev1.pdf
Green Point Landfill Final Cover System Construction Certification Report__Vol 2 of 2_Jan 2000.pdf
Green Point Landfill Final Cover System Construction Certification Report_Vol 1 of 2_Jan 2000.pdf
Monthly Report 151_June 2007.pdf
Monthly Report 152_July 2007.pdf
Monthly Report 153_August 2007.pdf
Monthly Report 154_September 2007.pdf
Monthly Report 155_October 1997.pdf
Monthly Report 156_November 2007.pdf
Monthly Report 157_December 2007.pdf
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Monthly Report 171_February 2009.pdf
Monthly Report 172_March 2009.pdf
Monthly Report 173_April 2009.pdf
Monthly Report 174_May 2009.pdf
Monthly Report 175_June 2009.pdf
Site Summary - Greenpoint Landfill.jpg
Site Summary - Greenpoint Landfill.pdf
SMI and GPL_RAP 2008_revised.pdf
SMI and GPL_RAP 2008_revised.pdf