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Fairfax Industrial Land I

The former Fairfax I Plant Site is comprised of 74 acres of land on Kindelberger Road in Kansas City, KS, in an industrial area known as the Fairfax District. To the west and south of the site are industrial operations, chemical companies, and refining and pipeline facilities.

Property Information

  • Property Name: Fairfax Industrial Land I
  • Address: 100 Kindelberger Road, Kansas City, KS
  • Contact for sale: Bruce Rasher
  • Acreage: 74
  • Description of Property: Vacant land
  • Zoning/Tax ID Number(s):

    M3, Industrial Land: 298401, 298402, 298403

  • RACER Site ID: 12891

Environmental Information

00. Corrective Action Plan; Former General Motors Fairfax I Plant Site, KC KS.pdf
12559 History Summary Table.pdf
12559-04-202080(PRES003)GN-CO002 figure 2 (2).pdf
1289 1 Fairfax I Evaluation of Additional Areas 12-17-09-df.pdf
1289 PM.pdf
1289-1 and 1289-2 Site Locations.jpg
1289-1 Site Map.jpg
1289-2 Site Map.jpg
1289-KDHE invoice-09-27-2010.pdf
1289-KDHE invoice-2010-08-15.pdf
12891 - Remedial Alternatives Evaluation Report 33 - Fairfax - 2016 0706.pdf
12891 - Remedial Alternatives Evaluation Report 33 KDHE Transmittal Letter - Fairfax - 2016 0908.pdf
12891-Fairfax- EUC Application 2012 0830.pdf
12891-Fairfax-Environmental Assessment Summary of Subsurface Conditions-2000 July.pdf
12891-Fairfax-Groundwater Monitoring Plan (Revised)-2007 July.pdf
12891-Fairfax-Index of Historical Documents 2012 1001.pdf
12891-Fairfax-Letter Supplemental Confirmation Sampling Results-2006 May 9.pdf
12891-Fairfax-Letter-Addendum to Supplemental Confirmation Sampling Work Plan-2006 Sept7.pdf
12891-Fairfax-Letter-Additional Groundwater and Soil Sampling Data-2007 Feb19.PDF
12891-Fairfax-Letter-Amendment to Pre-Design Investigations Work Plan-2004 Sept10.pdf
12891-Fairfax-Letter-Fourth Quarter 2021 Progress Report Fairfax I Plant Kansas City KS.pdf
12891-Fairfax-Letter-Groundwater Monitoring Results (First Quarter 2008)-2008 June 2.pdf
12891-Fairfax-Letter-Groundwater Monitoring Results (Fourth Quarter 2007)-2008 April 29.pdf
12891-Fairfax-Letter-Groundwater Monitoring Results (Second Quarter 2008) Revision 1-2009 Nov18.pdf
12891-Fairfax-Letter-Groundwater Monitoring Results (Third Quarter 2007)-2008 Feb28.pdf
12891-Fairfax-Letter-June 2006 Supplemental Confirmation Sampling Results.pdf
12891-Fairfax-Letter-Results of LNAPL Investigations-TMW-130 Area-2008 May22.pdf
12891-Fairfax-Letter-Supplemental Confirmation Sampling Work Plan-2005 Oct13.pdf
12891-Fairfax-Letter-Supplemental Investigations Site-Wide Data Summary-2012 June8.pdf
12891-Fairfax-Letter-Work Plan Adendum-TMW-130 Area LNAPL Investigation-2008 Feb5.pdf
12891-Fairfax-LNAPL Investigation Work Plan-TMW-130 Area-2007 June.pdf
12891-Fairfax-Pre-Design Investigations Work Plan-2001 August.pdf
12891-Fairfax-Remedial Alternatives Evaluation Report-2012 August.pdf
12891-Fairfax-Remedial Alternatives Evaluation Work Plan and Schedule-2012 April.pdf
12891-Fairfax-Results of Confirmatory Sampling Program-2005 April.pdf
12891-Fairfax-Results of Soil & Groundwater Characterization Invest-TMW-130 Area-2010 April.pdf
12891-Fairfax-Results of Soil & GW Investigations Near Well MW-103A-2000 June.pdf
12891-Fairfax-Revised Work Plan-Supplemental Site-Wide Investigations-2012 March.pdf
12891-Fairfax-Soil and Groundwater Characterization Work Plan-TMW-130 Area-2008 Oct.pdf
12891-Fairfax-Supplemental Site Wide Investigations Report-2012 August.pdf
12891-Fairfax-Voluntary Investigation Work Plan TMW-130 Area Pilot Study-2008 August.pdf
12891-Fairfax-Work Plan for Comprehensive Groundwater Monitoring Activities-1998 Sept.pdf
1289_Fairfax I_2010_04_CRA LAB.PDF
1289_Fairfax I_2010_05_CRA LAB.pdf
1289_Fairfax I_2010_05_CRA.pdf
1289_Fairfax I_2010_06_CRA.pdf
1289_Fairfax I_2010_07_CRA.pdf
1289_Fairfax I_2010_08_CRA.pdf
1289_Fairfax I_2010_09_CRA.pdf
1289_Fairfax I_2010_10_CRA.pdf
1289_Fairfax I_2010_11_CRA.pdf
2-19-07 GW and Soil Data.pdf
5-9-06 Supp Confirmation Results.pdf
6-26-06 Summary of Site Conditions Tract 2.pdf Former Fairfax I Tract 2 VCP Agreement.pdf Former Fairfax I Tract 2 VCP Agreement.pdf Former Fairfax I Whole Site VCP Agreement.pdf Results of Confirmatory Sampling Program April 2005.pdf Results of LNAPL Investigations - TMW-130 Area May 2008.pdf
9-7-06 Work Plan Addendum.pdf
E095-PM029_201002_CRA LAB.PDF
Fairfax Parcel Map-2010-09-24.pdf
final plat Fairfax I.pdf
GM & KDHE Correspondence Feb 1999 to Dec 2009.pdf
GW Monitoring Results First Quarter 2008.pdf
KDHE - 12890 - State Agency Decision Statement - FairFax - 2018 - 01.pdf
KDHE - 12891 - Corrective Action Plan - Fairfax I Plant Site -2018-09-19.pdf
KDHE Letter re TMW130 Invest -03-092010.pdf
KDHE Summary .pdf
Results of Soil & GW Characterization -TMW-130 Area -RPT-20-Final.pdf
Site Plan.jpg
Table 1 Groundwater organics.pdf
Table 2 Groundwater inorganics.pdf
Table 3 Soil organics.pdf
Table4 -Soil inorganics.pdf
TMW-130 Area -Table 1 and 2 (3).pdf

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