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Anderson Industrial Land

The property is vacant land 0.887 acres in size. Historically, a fire pump house, water tank, and 30-inch water supply well were present at the property and served the former Delphi Energy and Engine Management Systems (Delphi) plants located east-northeast of the property. The use of these was discontinued in January 2007 and the pump house, water tank, and well were later decommissioned and demolished.

Property Information

  • Property Name: Anderson Industrial Land
  • Address: 1600 East 32nd Street, Anderson, IN
  • Contact for sale: Bruce Rasher
  • Acreage: 0.887
  • Description of Property: Vacant land
  • Zoning/Tax ID Number(s):

    I-2, Industrial: 48-12-19-103-103.000-003

  • RACER Site ID: 13290

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