RACER Trust Sells Land in Flint, MI, to Kettering University

FLINT, MI  — RACER Trust today announced it has sold a strip of land between the Flint River Trail and North Chevrolet Avenue to Kettering University, which is immediately west of the parcel.

The land is near the C.S. Mott Center.

“Although the parcel of property Kettering University recently acquired from RACER Trust is small, it is still a component of significant university initiatives,” said Kettering University President Robert K. McMahan. “We recently began unveiling a Campus Master Plan that will ensure that Kettering students have access to state-of-the-art facilities, housing, labs and leisure space. This property, which Kettering has always maintained but did not formally own, falls within an area of our campus that will see incredible transformation in the coming years. We are pleased to work with RACER Trust to take over the property and will continue to ensure that it is productively used and maintained.”

“RACER Trust is pleased to execute this sale to Kettering University, a significant contributor to the civic, education and economic life of the Flint area that is investing in its future,” said Elliott P. Laws, Administrative Trustee of RACER Trust. “Kettering is a vital resource for the community and we wish President McMahan and his team continued success.”

The land had been part of a package of four small parcels known as Flint West. The Flint West property owned by RACER encompassed 4.98 acres.

General Motors operated at the Flint West property from 1916 to 1997, first assembling vehicles and later using it for injection molding, finishing and painting operations.