RACER Trust Promoting Investment Opportunities at Site Selectors Guild National Conference

RACER Trust today announced that two members of its Redevelopment team — Deputy Redevelopment Manager Patricia Spitzley and Planning & GIS Coordinator Nathan Etu — are attending the 2018 annual conference of the Site Selectors Guild, an association of the world’s foremost professional site selection consultants.

Guild members assist with location strategy for corporations around the globe and for every industry, sector and function. The Site Selectors Guild Annual Conference is among the several commercial real estate marketing, industry and peer networking events RACER Trust’s Redevelopment team participates in as it positions RACER properties for maximum market exposure, all with the goal of securing new investments that lead to jobs, restoration of tax base and other beneficial outcomes for RACER communities.

This year’s Site Selectors Guild Annual Conference takes place through Wednesday in Cincinnati. A priority for RACER at this year’s event is to amplify its recently issued calls for offers for its Massena, NY, and Buick City (Flint), MI, properties.

“Part of our mission is to contribute to the economic recovery and revitalization of communities that were hard-hit by the GM bankruptcy and loss of manufacturing jobs, and to carry out that mission requires that our Redevelopment team maintain a strong professional network with experts and consultants in the commercial real estate and economic development fields,” said Elliott P. Laws, of EPLET, LLC, administrative trustee of RACER Trust. “These relationships and connections have yielded several outstanding leads and prospects that we might not otherwise have learned about or been in a position to capture. We are proud of the results our Redevelopment team has produced, but we’re not satisfied, and will not be satisfied until the job is done and the properties we are marketing have been returned to productive reuse.”

Ms. Spitzley joined RACER Trust as Deputy Redevelopment Manager when the Trust was formed in 2011. Prior to joining RACER, she had various roles in Michigan state government, including environmental policy, legal affairs, communications and community outreach. She was Communications Director for the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality as well as the Chief of the Office of Legal Services for the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

Mr. Etu joined RACER Trust in 2013 and was promoted to current position in 2016. He has 12 years of combined planning and Geographic Information System experience, serving the U.S. Commerce Department, state universities in both Texas and Michigan, local governmental units, and both private for- and not-for-profit entities.

About RACER Trust: RACER (Revitalizing Auto Communities Environmental Response) Trust was created to clean up and position for redevelopment properties and other facilities owned by the former General Motors Corp. before its 2009 bankruptcy. RACER is one of the largest holders of industrial property in the United States, and when it was formed was the largest environmental response and remediation trust in U.S. history. When the Trust was formed, it owned properties at 89 locations in 14 states, principally in the Midwest and Northeast. The Trust was created by a settlement agreement in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court between the U.S. Government, the 14 states where the former GM properties are located, and the St. Regis Mohawk Tribe, which owns land adjoining one of the properties in Upstate New York. For more information, please visit our website: www.racertrust.org.