RACER Trust Participating in 3rd Annual New York State Redevelopment Summit

RACER Trust today announced it will be participating in the 3rd Annual New York State Redevelopment Summit June 13 and 14 in Albany, an event that brings together leading figures from the public and private sectors to learn about trends, funding and best practices in property redevelopment and reuse.

“Events like the New York State Redevelopment Summit allow RACER Trust to connect with other subject matter experts, stay current, add value and promote investment in our properties and our host communities,” said Elliott P. Laws, of EPLET, LLC, administrative trustee of RACER Trust. “RACER Trust’s mission is to maximize the redevelopment potential of each of our properties. Participation in events that focus on best practices in adaptive land reuse, remediation that supports development, trends in commercial and industrial development and related issues are critical to the successful execution of our mission.”

RACER Trust owns three former General Motors Corp. industrial properties in New York State — a 217-acre property in Massena, an active, multi-tenant industrial park in Salina, and a 15-acre landfill in Tonawanda. All are available for purchase.

Nathan Etu, Planning and GIS Coordinator, will participate for RACER Trust.  

Other summit attendees will include elected officials, planners, economic development specialists, community organizations, developers, environmental and engineering consultants, lawyers, state agencies and other experts. It is hosted by the Center for Creative Recycling, the oldest and only national non-profit working exclusively to champion land cleanup and reuse. 

A summit keynote address will be delivered by Venetia Lannon, New York State’s Deputy Secretary for the Environment.