RACER Trust Hires Terradex to Provide Environmental Monitoring Services

One-year Pilot Program Targets Five Properties in Four States

RACER Trust today announced it has engaged the environmental services firm Terradex to provide industry-leading, web-based environmental monitoring at five RACER locations in four states.

The engagement is a one-year pilot program for Terradex’s LandWatch, a secure web service that monitors and alerts clients to land activities or issues that may jeopardize the reliability of institutional controls, engineering controls or other remedial elements. A land activity alert allows for proactive engagement to avert potential damage or environmental risk.

Terradex will provide environmental monitoring at current or former RACER properties in Indianapolis; Kansas City, KS; Moraine, OH; Pontiac, MI; and Flint, MI.

“RACER is conducting safe, comprehensive cleanups under the direction of lead regulatory agencies at dozens of former GM properties, including those in the pilot program,” said Elliott P. Laws, of ELPET, LLC, Administrative Trustee of RACER Trust. “Terradex’s services could add to the tools RACER uses to help monitor and verify that institutional controls implemented as part of the cleanups are effective. We look forward to this pilot study as a means of determining if Terradex’s services can be an asset to RACER in its remedial mission.”

Terradex will monitor and provide alerts on excavation notices, building and land development permits, well permits, ownership changes and other matters that may affect environmental conditions and controls.

“Terradex strives to build the best tools for safe long-term use of brownfield properties. Working with RACER Trust is a milestone for Terradex, as through this pilot our LandWatch tools will be further enhanced and expanded,” said Bob Wenzlau, CEO and founder of Terradex.