RACER Trust to Begin Active Remediation of Former GM Delco Property in Kokomo

RACER Trust today announced it will begin preparing the former GM Delco plant property in Kokomo, Ind., for active soil remediation, a project that is expected to conclude in mid-November.

Preparation activities, such as the installation of security fencing and mobilization of heavy equipment to the property, are expected to begin on or about Tuesday, July 5.

The 10.14-acre property is located between Washington Street and Davis Road, south of Morgan Street. Deliveries of materials and equipment will be via Washington Street. Working hours will be 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays. Security will be present during non-working hours

There should be minimal, if any, public disruption while work is ongoing. RACER will implement health and safety practices, including continuous air monitoring during active soil handling, to ensure the air conditions during this work are within the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines.

RACER, with approval from the EPA, will implement a strategy of in situ treatment of impacted soils, or treatment in place. There will be activity on the entire site, though the area to be remediated amounts to approximately six-tenths of an acre. The work will involve movement of shallower soils to access and treat deeper impacted soils. This effort is expected to be the only active remediation work necessary at the property.

Beginning in August, RACER will begin active remediation work at the site. The impacted soils at depth will be mixed with a material that will break down the chemicals in the soil. When the process is complete, the remediated area will be backfilled and reseeded. 

Some site contaminants have been found in groundwater. Drinking water in the area surrounding the property is provided by the local municipal water supply utility, which is not impacted by conditions on the property. 

The EPA’s approved remedial approach is protective of human health and the environment and will accelerate the natural breakdown of underground contaminants, limiting their effect on groundwater under the property. Documents and reports reviewed and approved by EPA are available for inspection at the Kokomo Public Library (220 N. Union St., Kokomo, IN), by sending a request to RACERTrustKokomo@arcadis.com, or by calling 1-855-RACER-411.

RACER is actively marketing and repositioning the Kokomo property for sale to a buyer who is capable of maximizing its redevelopment and reuse potential. The GM legacy environmental conditions and RACER’s remedial activities do not pose an impediment to the safe and productive reuse of the property.