Massena Incident Won't Slow RACER Progress

The RACER Trust remains fully committed to completing the environmental cleanup of the former GM Massena property and attracting new jobs, new investment and economic growth for the benefit of the entire North Country region.


Thursday’s events will not slow RACER’s progress in cleaning up the property in full compliance with the rigorous requirements established by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Nor will they weaken RACER’s resolve to continue working closely with the broader Massena community, including the St. Regis Mohawk Tribe, to pursue the local community’s vision for economic renewal.

The environmental challenges at the former GM Massena property long predate RACER’s ownership. Since acquiring the property in March, the RACER team has worked closely with EPA and our contractors to ensure that the cleanup is conducted as thoroughly, safely and expeditiously as possible, in full compliance with applicable federal and state environmental laws and regulations. We have worked with the St. Regis Mohawk Tribe and local community leaders to increase opportunities for employment of local people on the project. We have kept neighbors and the community informed of our goals and progress; briefed the public on our work in a community meeting organized by EPA; and communicated frequently with local community leaders, elected officials, and St. Regis Mohawk Tribal leaders. We will continue to do so.

The safety of the community, our employees and our contractors is our utmost concern.We are relieved that no one was injured in Thursday’s events and grateful to the New York State Police and EPA for their quick and professional response.

RACER has pledged its full cooperation to law enforcement authorities in the investigation and any resulting criminal prosecution. We are working closely with the U.S. EPA to determine the full extent of damage to the disposal site and what repairs are necessary to secure the site and protect the environment. For more information, please visit

Contacts: Mark Behan of Behan Communications, Inc. for The RACER Trust at (518) 792-3856.

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