Cleanup Mission

Cleanup Mission: How We’re Doing It

Environmental cleanup to address historic contamination is required at about 60 former GM locations that were transferred to RACER Trust when it was formed. In most cases, these properties can be sold or leased even before cleanups have been started or completed, provided RACER Trust is guaranteed access for cleanup activity.

RACER is undertaking cleanup, subject to oversight by state and federal regulatory agencies, to achieve the regulatory objective applicable to each property. Our goal is to achieve no further action status for all locations where cleanups are needed. RACER Trust was provided with nearly $500 million to conduct these investigations and cleanups. A list of the initial property-specific funding is provided at the below link.

Environmental Response Trust Property Funding for Environmental Activities

RACER’s cleanup managers work in close coordination with our redevelopment team, administrative trustee and environmental regulatory agencies to perform remedial activities on a schedule and in a manner that is protective of human health and the environment while also supporting the redevelopment in the shortest possible timeframe.

RACER’s environmental data, reports, and remedial action plans are posted on its website for prospective buyers, end users, government officials, residents, and/or other interested parties. This information can be found on the RACER Properties Information Hub for each property. For example, environmental information about the Indianapolis Stamping Plant Property can be found here.

To find environmental information about other properties, please visit our properties search page and use the interactive map or advanced property search feature to find the property or properties in which you are interested.