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Greenpoint Landfill Land

A 174.96-acre former landfill, this property, zoned M-2, General Industrial, and R-1A, Residential.Agricultural, had been part of the former GM Saginaw Malleable Iron property. The property is located just west of the Saginaw River, and south of the former Malleable Iron property.

Property Information

  • Property Name: Greenpoint Landfill Land
  • Address: 3300 Salt Road, Saginaw, MI
  • Contact for sale: Bruce Rasher
  • Acreage: 174.96
  • Description of Property: Former landfill property
  • Zoning/Tax ID Number(s):

    M-2, General Industrial & R-1A, Residential/Agrilcultural: 19 2258 00000, 19 2258 00100 M-2, General Industrial: 19 2249 00000

  • Transportation: Seaport, Airport, Highway
  • Property Type: Vacant Land, Landfill
  • RACER Site ID: 11060

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Part 201 Determination

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Environmental Information

1003_1003-1_1106 Site Map.jpg
1106 Site Map.jpg
1106_1328_1003 Site Map.jpg
1997-10_RI-FS Work Plan.pdf
2001-07-05 - 10030 - Malleable Iron - RI Report Vol V of V.pdf
2001-07-05- 10030 Malleable Iron RI Report Vol III of V_July 2001.pdf
2001-07-05- 10030 Malleable Iron RI Report Vol IV of V_July 2001.pdf
2001-07-05_RI Report_Vol I of V.pdf
2001-07-05_RI Report_Vol II of V.pdf
2003-07_Feasibility Study Report.pdf
2007-09-25_Due Care Plan_GPL.pdf
2016 RACER Saginaw Malleable and GPL Annual Report 12-15-16.pdf
2016-10-26 Malleable-Dioxin Summary Letter.pdf
2019-04-15 - Declaration of Restrictive Covenant - 10030 Green Point - Recorded.pdf
Annual Progress Report_Mar 1998 to Sept 1999.pdf
Annual Progress Report_Oct 1999 to Sept 2000.pdf
Annual Progress Report_Oct 2000 to Sept 2001.pdf
Annual Progress Report_Oct 2001 thru Sept 2002.pdf
Annual Progress Report_Oct 2002 thru Sept 2003.pdf
Annual Progress Report_Oct 2003 thru Sept 2004.pdf
Annual Progress Report_Oct 2004 thru Sept 2005.pdf
Annual Progress Report_Oct 2005 thru Sept 2006.pdf
Annual Progress Report_Oct 2006 thru Sept 2007.pdf
Annual Progress Report_Oct 2007 thru Sept 2008.pdf
Annual Progress Report_Oct 2008 thru Sept 2009.pdf
B0050096_GPL_2012 Annual Report 17Dec2012.pdf
GPL_Drain Tile Removal Summary 07.16.13_Rev1.pdf
Green Point Landfill Final Cover System Construction Certification Report__Vol 2 of 2_Jan 2000.pdf
Green Point Landfill Final Cover System Construction Certification Report_Vol 1 of 2_Jan 2000.pdf
Monthly Report 151_June 2007.pdf
Monthly Report 152_July 2007.pdf
Monthly Report 153_August 2007.pdf
Monthly Report 154_September 2007.pdf
Monthly Report 155_October 1997.pdf
Monthly Report 156_November 2007.pdf
Monthly Report 157_December 2007.pdf
Monthly Report 158_January 2008.pdf
Monthly Report 159_February 2008.pdf
Monthly Report 160_March 2008.pdf
Monthly Report 161_April 2008.pdf
Monthly Report 162_May 2008.pdf
Monthly Report 163_June 2008.pdf
Monthly Report 164_July 2008.pdf
Monthly Report 165_August 2008.pdf
Monthly Report 166_September 2008.pdf
Monthly report 167_October 2008.pdf
Monthly Report 168_November 2008.pdf
Monthly Report 169_December 2008.pdf
Monthly Report 170_January 2009.pdf
Monthly Report 171_February 2009.pdf
Monthly Report 172_March 2009.pdf
Monthly Report 173_April 2009.pdf
Monthly Report 174_May 2009.pdf
Monthly Report 175_June 2009.pdf
Site Summary - Greenpoint Landfill.jpg
Site Summary - Greenpoint Landfill.pdf
SMI and GPL_RAP 2008_revised.pdf
SMI and GPL_RAP 2008_revised.pdf

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