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Dryden West Industrial Land

This property is suitable for solar development. Ground-mounted solar systems are not prohibited by the City's zoning ordinance. Refer to this ordinance for more detail. This vacant 18.70-acre parcel was associated with the former GM manufacturing facilities in Moraine. GM used the property for disposal of industrial wastewater, materials used during the electroplating process, water softening sludges, non-contact cooling water, storm water runoff, fly ash dewatering filtrate and process wastewaters. 

Property Information

  • Property Name: Dryden West Industrial Land
  • Address: 3801 Dryden Road, Moraine, OH
  • Contact for sale: Bruce Rasher
  • Acreage: 18.70
  • Description of Property: Closed disposal facility capped with a vegetative soil cover
  • Zoning/Tax ID Number(s):

    M-2, General Industrial: J44104109 0001

  • Electric Provider: Dayton Power & Light
  • Distance to Substation: 0.50 miles
  • Regional Transmission Organization (RTO): Click here
  • Public Utilities Commission (PUC): Click here
  • RACER Site ID: 10120

Property Photos


Environmental Information

2014-10-22 STF BUSTR Request - RCRA Corrective Action.pdf
2015-01-07 BUSTR STF Request for Info.pdf
2015-02-29 Site-Wide Groundwater Monitoring Report for 2015.pdf
2015-04-06 STF BUSTR Extension Request Letter.pdf
2015-07-02 Tier 1 AIR.pdf
2015-07-06 RACER STF Tier 1.pdf
2015-12-11 BUSTR Tier 1 Approval.pdf
2016-2-23 IRA Notification Letter.pdf
2020-02-13-RACER Moraine to USEPA-Corrective Measures Proposal Addendum.pdf
2021 0910 - 2021 Revised MCD Land Use Permit No. 13-3769-1.pdf
Arcadis_13170_Map SW Neighborhood Area Vapor Intrustion Status_08272012.pdf
CMP Appendix A.pdf
CMP Appendix B.pdf
CMP Appendix C.pdf
CMP Appendix D.pdf
CMP Appendix E.pdf
CMP Appendix F.pdf
CMP Appendix G.pdf
CMP Appendix H.pdf
CMP Appendix I.pdf
CMP Appendix K.pdf
Corrective Measures Supplemental GW Investigation Report.pdf
Environmental Indicator Determination - 10120 - CA750.pdf
Former Building 14 Investigation Summary Report.pdf
GM Moraine Work Plan 031607.pdf
GM Moraine Work Plan 062507.pdf
GM Moraine Work Plan 070105.pdf
GM Moraine Work Plan 080906.pdf
GM Moraine Work Plan 100107.pdf
GM Moraine Work Plan 111907.pdf
GW Monitoring Plan.pdf
IM CM Volume 1.pdf
Moraine Certification of Lagoon Closure Report 2001.pdf
Moraine Description of Current Conditions 1991.pdf
Moraine Lagoon Closure Plan 2000.pdf
Moraine Lagoon Post Closure Plan 2002.pdf
Moraine Lagoon.pptx
Moraine Lagoons - Site Layout.jpg
Moraine RCRA Facility Investigation 2000 .pdf
Moraine Site Wide Groiundwater Report 2003.pdf
Moraine Site Wide Groundwater Report 2001-2002.pdf
Moraine Site Wide Groundwater Report 2004.pdf
Moraine Site Wide Groundwater Report 2005.pdf
Moraine Site Wide Groundwater Report 2006.pdf
Moraine Site Wide Groundwater Report 2007.pdf
Moraine Site Wide Groundwater Report 2008.pdf
Moraine Site Wide Groundwater Report 2009.pdf
Moraine Site Wide Groundwater Report 2010.pdf
Moraine Site Wide Groundwater Report 2011.pdf
Moraine Sub-Slab and Indoor Air Sampling Work Plan 2011.pdf
Moraine Supplemental Description of Current Conditions 1997.pdf
Moraine Supplemental RCRA Facility Investigation 2000.pdf
Moraine Vapor Intrusion Mitigation Work Plan 2011.pdf
Moraine Vapor Intrusion Verification Work Plan 2010.pdf
Ohio EPA - 10120 - Moraine Compliance Evaluation Inspection - Moraine Lagoon - 2014-0820.pdf
Phase I ESA - 13170 - Moraine Delphi_Thermal - 2010 0305.pdf
Phase I ESA - 10120 - Moraine Settling Lagoon - 2010 0308.pdf
Phase I ESA - 13170 - Moraine Delphi_Thermal - Part 2 - 2010 0305.pdf
Preliminary Interim Measures Work Plan.pdf
Primary Groundwater Source Area AOI 7.pdf
RACER Moraine_ERD IM Pilot Test Work Plan_Final.pdf
RACER Trust Moraine - 2016 Annual Report - FINAL.pdf
RACER Trust Moraine - 2017 Annual Report - FINAL.pdf
RACER Trust Moraine 2012 CMP Figures.pdf
RACER Trust Moraine 2012 CMP Tables.pdf
RACER Trust Moraine 2012 CMP Text.pdf
RACER Trust Moraine_DRAFT Phase 1 DGR Report.pdf
Second Annual Interim Measures.PDF
Sub Slab Indoor Air Sampling Work Plan Addendum - Moraine - USEPA Notice - 2014 0328.pdf
Third Anuual interim Measures.pdf
Waste Pile Report.pdf

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