RACER Trust Continuing Its Required Environmental Activities During COVID-19 Emergency

RACER Trust is continuing to carry out its environmental obligations — including preparation of remedial action plans, implementation of approved remedies, maintenance and operation of equipment, and timely collection and reporting of data to federal and state regulatory agencies — during the national COVID-19 emergency.

RACER Trust’s environmental activities often require work in the field. If environmental activities are required indoors or beyond the boundary of a RACER property — for example, inside a residence or other occupied building — RACER and its contractors are working directly with private property owners or occupants on a case-by-case basis. In any event, RACER personnel and contractors are taking all appropriate precautions to protect themselves and our communities from the further spread of COVID-19 while carrying out our environmental obligations.

If you have any questions about RACER Trust’s environmental obligations and activities, please call 855-722-3741.