Environmental Justice

RACER Trust is committed to environmental and social justice


A number of RACER Trust properties are located in areas of communities historically underserved or poor and with disparate environmental and/or social impacts resulting from historic contamination, blight, and a lack of employment opportunities.

In addition to its public outreach activities, RACER Trust has acted as an advocate for our communities, identifying and sharing grant opportunities, connecting local leaders with state and national resources, hiring local contractors to perform cleanup activities and incorporating local infrastructure needs with site remediation and redevelopment plans. By addressing abandoned, blighted and contaminated properties with transparency, outreach and communication; mitigating public health risks via safe and protective cleanups; site and infrastructure improvements; selection of buyers and development plans which satisfy the criteria for sales in the Settlement Agreement and that comply with local, state and Federal laws; creating jobs and restoring tax revenues locally; and supporting local efforts for community revitalization, RACER Trust has contributed to fixing the root causes of these injustices in our communities and will continue to do so.

EJScreen Community Reports

RACER Trust evaluated each of its former GM properties using the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s EJScreen, which is based on environmental and socioeconomic information for user-defined areas. For purposes of this exercise, RACER selected a one-mile radius around its properties to conduct its evaluation.


Wilmington Assembly Plant, Wilmington


Danville Landfill Land, Danville


Allison Gas Turbine Industrial Land, Indianapolis
Bedford Area Properties, Bedford
Delphi I Anderson Site, Anderson
Indianapolis Stamping Plant, Indianapolis
Kokomo Industrial Land, Kokomo
Muncie Industrial Land, Muncie
Venture 2000 Industrial Park, Anderson


Fairfax Industrial Land I, Kansas City


Framingham Landfill Land, Framingham


6241 Cass Ave., Detroit
6560 Cass Avenue., Detroit
ACC Penske Facility, Pontiac
Bay City Powertrain Industrial Land, Other
Buick City Site, Flint Area
Coldwater Road Industrial Land, Flint Area
Coldwater Road Industrial Land North, Flint Area
Davison Road Industrial Land, Flint Area
Dort Highway Industrial Land, Flint Area
Eckles Road, Livonia
Employee Development Center, Pontiac
Fiero Assembly Plant, Pontiac
Fiero Industrial Land, Pontiac
Flint West, Flint Area
Grand Rapids Stamping Plant, Other
Great Lakes Technology Center Industrial Land, Flint Area
Hemphill Industrial Land, Flint Area
Howard Industrial Land, Saginaw Area
Lansing Plant 2 Industrial Land, Lansing Area
Lansing Plant 3 Industrial Land, Lansing Area
Lansing Plant 6 Industrial Land, Lansing Area
Linden Road Commercial Land, Flint Area
Livonia Powertrain Plant, Wayne County
PCC Validation Industrial Land I, Pontiac
Pontiac Centerpoint Campus West, Pontiac
Romulus Industrial Land, Wayne County
Saginaw Malleable Industrial Land, Saginaw Area
Saginaw Nodular Industrial Land, Saginaw Area
Textile Road Commercial Land, Other
Van Buren Industrial Land, Wayne County
Van Buren Industrial Land West, Wayne County
Willow Run Company Vehicle Operations, Wayne County
Willow Run Powertrain Plant & Engineering Center, Wayne County
Windiate Lot Land, Flint Area


Leeds Plant Industrial Land North, Kansas City

New Jersey

Hyatt Hills Golf Complex, Clark
Delphi Trenton Industrial Land, Ewing

New York

Ley Creek Land, Syracuse
Massena Powertrain Plant, Massena
Salina Industrial PowerPark, Syracuse


Elyria Industrial Land, Elyria
Moraine Assembly Plant, Moraine
Dryden West Industrial Land, Moraine
Ontario Stamping Plant, Ontario
Parma Powertrain Plant, Parma
Toledo Industrial Land, Toledo


Fredericksburg Powertrain Plant, Fredericksburg


Janesville Commercial Facility, Janesville