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RACER Trust: Empowering America's Auto Communities

Commercial and Industrial Properties That Are Primed for Sale and Development

The RACER Edge

Excellent Infrastructure, Strong Work Forces Await
New Businesses in Former Auto Communities

The RACER Trust is offering unprecedented opportunities to invest and grow businesses in America’s industrial heartland.

When the Trust was formed in March 2011, it owned 44 million square feet of industrial space in 66 buildings across 7,000 acres in 14 states. The properties are concentrated in the Midwest and Northeast.

Until recently, the majority of the sites (you can see a list of the properties here) operated as manufacturing facilities, and thus have substantial water, sewer and electrical capacity, as well as square footage under roof. Many have rail spurs and convenient access to major highways and other transportation networks, and all have experienced, skilled, adaptable work forces from which to recruit and hire.

For a list of RACER properties with rail access and utilities, download a PDF factsheet here.

To view RACER's buyer's guide, please click here.

RACER, established to clean up and sell the properties left behind in General Motors’ 2009 bankruptcy, is consulting with civic leaders in each community where it owns property to determine the community’s goals and vision for each site. Local officials have demonstrated a strong willingness to help incoming employers, including supporting economic incentives and job retraining programs. In one RACER community, hundreds of displaced workers began learning new job skills when word spread that a potential buyer was evaluating the property.