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Delaware Illinois Indiana
Kansas Louisiana Massachusetts
Michigan Missouri New Jersey
New York Ohio Pennsylvania
Virginia Wisconsin

Wilmington Assembly Plant (Site #11900)
801 Boxwood Road, Wilmington
Details 1190 Map

ILLINOIS Significant Transportation Networks
Danville Landfill Land (Site #12330)
Interstate 74 at North G Street, Danville Township
Details 1233 Map

Under Contract

Marketing Brochure
INDIANA Significant Transportation Networks
Venture 2000 Industrial Park (Site #12340)
2915 Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, Anderson
Details 1234 Map SOLD
Marketing Brochure
Delphi I Plant (Site #13200)
2915 Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, Anderson
Details 1320 Map Portion Sold, 
Portion Available

Marketing Brochure
Anderson Industrial Land (Site #13290)
1600 East 32nd Street, Anderson
Details 1329 Map SOLD
Bedford Area Properties
Various Locations, Bedford
Details Various (52) Map 7 Parcels Available
56 Parcels Sold
Marketing Brochure for Bedford Area Super-Site 
Allison Gas Turbine Landfill Land (Site #13250)
2701 West Raymond Street, Indianapolis
Details 1325 Map Available
Marketing Brochure 
Indianapolis Stamping Plant (Site #11910)
340 White River Parkway W. Drive S., Indianapolis
Details 1191 Map SOLD
Marketing Brochure
Kokomo Industrial Land (Site #12880)
1723 North Washington Street, Kokomo
Details 1288 Map Available
Marketing Brochure
Muncie Industrial Land (Site #13160)
1200 West Eighth Street, Muncie
Details 1316 Map Available
Portion Sold 

Marketing Brochure
Fairfax Industrial Land I (Site #12891)
100 Kindelberger Road, Kansas City
Details 1289-1 Map
Marketing Brochure
Shreveport Assembly Plant (Site #11920)
7600 General Motors Boulevard, Shreveport
Details 1192 Map
Marketing Brochure
MASSACHUSETTS Significant Transportation Networks
Framingham Landfill Land (Site #12900)
63 Western Avenue, Framingham
Details 1290 Map SOLD
Marketing Brochure
MICHIGAN Significant Transportation Networks
Flint Area Properties Section - Download Flint Area Properties Fact Sheet
Hemphill Industrial Land (Site #12910)
East Hemphill and South Saginaw Roads, Burton
Details 1291 Map Available
Marketing Brochure
Davison Road Industrial Land (Site #12920)
Davison Road and Donegal Street, Burton
Details 1292 Map Available
Marketing Brochure
Great Lakes Technology Center Industrial Land (Site #12981)
West Atherton Road and South Saginaw Street, Flint
Details 1298-1 Map Available
Marketing Brochure
Coldwater Road Industrial Land (Site #13270)
1245 East Coldwater Road, Genesee Township
Details 1327 Map Available
Marketing Brochure
Coldwater Road Landfill Land (Site #11030)
6220 Horton Street, Genesee Township
Details 1103 Map Available
Marketing Brochure
Buick City Site (Site #12950)
902 East Hamilton Avenue, Flint
Portion Sold
Marketing Brochure
Flint Warehouse Facility (Site #11200)
4002 James Cole Boulevard, Flint
Details 1295 Map SOLD Marketing Brochure
Linden Road Landfill Land (Site #11020)
1200 Linden Road, Flint Township
Details 1120 Map
Marketing Brochure
Windiate Lot Land (Site #12970)
Pengelly Road and Milton Drive, Flint

1102 Map
Portion Sold, Portion Under Contract Marketing Brochure
Flint West (Site #12990)
Stevenson Street and Glenwood Avenue, Flint

1297 Map
Portion Sold

Marketing Brochure
Dort Highway Industrial Land (Site #12960)
South Dort Highway, Grand Blanc Township

1299 Map
Marketing Brochure
Genesee Industrial Land (Site #11050)
East Stanley Road, Genesee Township & Mount Morris

1296 Map
Marketing Brochure
Lansing Area Properties Section - Download Lansing Area Properties Fact Sheet
Lansing Plant 2 Industrial Land (Site #13001)
2801 West Saginaw Street, Lansing Township
Details 1300-1 Map Under Contract Marketing Brochure
Lansing Plant 3 Industrial Land (Site #13002)
2800 West Saginaw Street, Lansing Township
Details 1300-2 Map Under Contract
Marketing Brochure
Lansing Plant 5 Industrial Land (Site #13010)
2901 South Canal Road, Delta Township
Details 1301 Map Under Contract
Marketing Brochure
Lansing Plant 6 Industrial Land (Site #13003)
401 North Verlinden Street, Lansing
Details 1300-3 Map Under Contract
Marketing Brochure
Pontiac Area Properties Section - Download Pontiac Area Properties Fact Sheet
Fiero Powerhouse (Site #11160)
824 St. Clair Street, Pontiac
Details 1116 Map Available
Portion Sold
Marketing Brochure 
Fiero Assembly Plant Parking Lot (Site #11210)
Baldwin Avenue, Pontiac
Details 1121 Map
Portion Sold
Marketing Brochure
Pontiac Centerpoint (Site #13090)
Centerpoint Parkway, Pontiac
Details 1309 Map SOLD
Marketing Brochure
Pontiac North Campus Industrial Land (Site #11970)
501 North Glenwood Avenue, Pontiac
Details 1197 Map SOLD
Marketing Brochure
Pontiac North Campus - Various Parcels (Site #11970)
Various Locations, Pontiac
Details 1197 Map
Portion Sold

Aerial Overview
Industrial Land (Site #13120, 13130 &
652, 642 & unassigned address Meadow Drive, Pontiac
Details 1312 Map SOLD
Marketing Brochure 
Industrial Land (Site #13150)
607 Meadow Drive, Pontiac
Details 1315 Map SOLD
Marketing Brochure
ACC Penske Facility (Site #13100)
675 Oakland Avenue, Pontiac
Details 1310 Map
Pontiac Assembly Plant (Site #11960)
2100 South Opdyke Road, Pontiac
Details 1196 Map
Pontiac Centerpoint I (Site #13110)
South Boulevard East, South Boulevard West and Centerpoint Boulevard, Pontiac
Details 1311 Map SOLD
Marketing Brochure
Pontiac Centerpoint Campus Central (Site #13050)
200 Centerpoint Parkway, Pontiac
Details 1305 Map SOLD
Marketing Brochure
Pontiac Centerpoint Campus East (Site #13070)
200 South Boulevard East, Pontiac
Details 1307 Map
Pontiac Centerpoint Campus West (Site #13080)
520 South Boulevard East, Pontiac
Details 1308 Map
Marketing Brochure
PCC Validation Industrial Land I (Site #13061)
25 Rapid Street, Pontiac
Details 1306-1 Map SOLD
Marketing Brochure
PCC Validation Industrial Land II (Site #13062)
South Boulevard West, Pontiac
Details 1306-2 Map SOLD
Marketing Brochure
Employee Development Center (Site #10010)
65 University Drive, Pontiac
Details 1001 Map SOLD Marketing Brochure
Saginaw Area Properties Section - Download Saginaw Area Properties Fact Sheet
Saginaw Malleable Industrial Land (Site #10030)
77 West Center Street, Saginaw
Details 1003 Map SOLD Marketing Brochure
Saginaw Malleable Peninsula (Site #13280)
79 West Center Street, Saginaw
Details 1328 Map SOLD
Marketing Brochure
Howard Industrial Land (Site #10050)
700 Garey Street, Saginaw
Details 1005 Map Available
Marketing Brochure
Greenpoint Landfill Land (Site #11060)
3300 Salt Road, Saginaw
Details 1106 Map SOLD
Marketing Brochure
Saginaw Nodular Industrial Land (Site #10040)
2100 Veterans Memorial Parkway, Buena Vista Township
Details 1004 Map Available
Marketing Brochure
Wayne & Washtenaw Counties Properties Section
Clark Street Redevelopment Industrial Land (Site #12930)
2860 Clark Street, Detroit
Details 1293 Map SOLD

Commercial Land (Site #12940)
6241 Cass Avenue, Detroit
Details 1294 Map SOLD
Marketing Brochure
Industrial Land (Site #11010)
6560 Cass Avenue, Detroit
Details 1101 Map
Delco Chassis Industrial Land I & II (Site #11040 & #13020) 12950 & 13000 Eckles Road, Livonia Details 1104 Map Portion Sold, Portion Under Contract
Marketing Brochure
Livonia Powertrain Plant (Site #11950)
12200 Middlebelt Road, Livonia
Details 1195 Map SOLD Marketing Brochure
Romulus Industrial Land (Site #10020)
37350 Ecorse Road, Romulus
Details 1002 Map


Marketing Brochure
Textile Road Commercial Land (Site #11080)
10100 Textile Road, Ypsilanti Township
Details 1108 Map Available
Marketing Brochure
Van Buren Industrial Land (Site #10060)
Denton and Ecorse Roads, Van Buren Township

Under Contract Marketing Brochure
Van Buren Landfill Land (Site #11070)
Michigan Avenue and Ecorse Road, Van Buren Township

Available Marketing Brochure
Willow Run Powertrain Plant (Site #11991 & #11992)
2932 Ecorse Road, Ypsilanti Township
Details 1199-1 Map SOLD
Marketing Brochure
Willow Run Company Vehicle Operations (Site #30640)
2901 Tyler Road, Ypsilanti Township
Details 3064 Map SOLD
Other Michigan Properties
Bay City Powertrain Industrial Land (Site #11000)
1600 Crotty Street, Bay City
Details 1100 Map Available
Marketing Brochure
Rural/Residential Land (Site #13040)
1495 Oak Hollow Drive, Milford
Details 1304 Map
Rural/Residential Land (Site #13030)
1831 Grondinwood Court, Milford
Details 1303 Map
Grand Rapids Stamping Plant (Site #11980)
300 36th Street SW, Wyoming
Details 1198 Map
Leeds Plant Industrial Land North (Site #10070)
6817 Stadium Drive, Kansas City
Details 1007 Map Under Contract
Leeds Plant Industrial Land South (Site #11090)
6817 Stadium Drive, Kansas City
Details 1109 Map Under Contract
NEW JERSEY Significant Transportation Networks
Hyatt Hills Golf Complex (Site #10080)
1300 Raritan Road, Clark Township
Details 1008 Map Available
Marketing Brochure
Delphi Trenton Industrial Land (Site #10090)
1445 Parkway Avenue, Ewing Township
Details 1009 Map
Marketing Brochure
NEW YORK Significant Transportation Networks
Massena Powertrain Plant (Site #12000)
56 Chevrolet Road, Massena
Details 1200 Map Available
Marketing Brochure
Salina Industrial Powerpark (Site #10100)
1 General Motors Circle, Salina
Details 1010 Map Available 
Call For Offers
Marketing Brochure
Ley Creek Land (Site #11100)
Factory Avenue, Salina
Details 1110 Map Available
Tonawanda Landfill Land (Site #10980)
2520 Kenmore Avenue, Tonawanda
Details 1098 Map Under Contract
Marketing Brochure 
OHIO Significant Transportation Networks
Elyria Industrial Land (Site #11110)
1400 Lowell Street, Elyria
Details 1111 Map Available
Marketing Brochure 
Lordstown Industrial Land (Site #10110)
1829 Hallock Young Road, Lordstown
Details 1011 Map SOLD
Marketing Brochure
Dryden West Industrial Land (Site #10120)
3801 Dryden Road, Moraine
Details 1012 Map
Marketing Brochure
Moraine Industrial Land (Site #13170)
3600 Dryden Road, Moraine
Details 1317 Map
Moraine Assembly Plant (Site #12020)
2601 West Stroop Road, Moraine
Details 1202 Map
Ontario Stamping Plant (Site #12010)
2525 West 4th Street, Ontario 
(Offered on behalf of the City of Ontario)
Details 1201 Map
Marketing Brochure
Parma Powertrain Plant (Site #12030)
5400 Chevrolet Boulevard, Parma
Details 1203 Map
Toledo Landfill Land (Site #10990)
5400 Jackman Road, Toledo
Details 1099 Map Available
Marketing Brochure
Pittsburgh Stamping Plant (Site #12040)
1451 Lebanon School Road, West Mifflin
Details 1204 Map
VIRGINIA Significant Transportation Networks
Fredericksburg Powertrain Plant (Site #12050)
11032 Tidewater Trail, Spotsylvania County
Details 1205 Map SOLD Marketing Brochure
Janesville Commercial Facility (Site #10130)
1405 South Jackson Street, Janesville
Details 1013 Map

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