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Toledo Landfill Land

5400 Jackman Road, Toledo, OH

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Pamela Barnett - Environmental

Pamela Barnett

Bruce Rasher - Redevelopment

Bruce Rasher

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This 34.12-acre land, which was associated with the GM Powertrain facility to the north, is covered with trees and vegetation. Silver Creek passes through the property. The site, zoned M-2, Industrial, also includes a former stormwater pond and a former five-acre disposal area. There are no buildings or structures on the property.

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Environmental Progress

Contaminated sediments and soils have been removed and an engineered soil cap was placed over the former disposal area and a former storm water pond adjacent to the disposal area. Piping was placed beneath the edge of these areas along Silver Creek to collect potential leachate. Since 2001, this area has been in the operation, maintenance and monitoring (OM&M) phase. No significant environmental investigations are anticipated in the future.

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