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Shreveport Assembly Plant

7600 General Motors Boulevard, Shreveport, LA

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Pamela Barnett - Environmental

Pamela Barnett

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Bruce Rasher

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This plant comprises a 530-acre area located in an industrial park southwest of Shreveport, LA. While not in the City limits (the Property is located in Caddo Parish), it enjoys City services and utilities. The main building contains more than 1.8 million square feet of air-conditioned floor space that was built in 1981 and most recently expanded in 2002. The property includes a separate, 1.5 million-square foot facility that GM used as a paint shop; an on-site powerhouse and wastewater treatment facility; and a rail spur. It was announced in January 2013 that Elio Motors reached an agreement to purchase this property.

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Leased to Industrial Realty Group

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Phone: (614) 571-0012
Email: osteger@industrialrealtygroup.com
Website: www.industrialrealtygroup.com

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Environmental Progress

There are no current open or unresolved environmental issues on the property. The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality issued all necessary certifications and closure letters before the Trust took title to the property in 2009.