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Kokomo Industrial Land

1723 North Washington Street, Kokomo, IN

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Robert Hare - Environmental

Robert Hare

Bruce Rasher - Redevelopment

Bruce Rasher

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The site of the former GM Delco Plant 5 on North Washington Street comprises 10.14 acres of land in a mixed commercial/residential area on the north end of Kokomo. The land was the home of a plant that initially was constructed for Apperson Brothers Automobile Co. in 1915. GM Delco assembled circuit boards at the site from 1953 to 1991. The plant was demolished in 1993. The majority of the site is a vacant grass field with the exception of a 4.31-acre parking lot and dead-end road in the northern portion of the site.

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Environmental Progress

RACER Trust is working with U.S. EPA Region 5 to implement a plan for the remediation of chlorinated volatile organic compound (CVOC) impacts to groundwater and soil. The timeline and cost of cleanup are being developed with EPA. Remediation is expected to be significantly completed within three years of EPA Region 5 selecting the final remedy for the property. Monitoring activities may continue for 30 years, based on the need and funding. Deed restrictions related to any necessary corrective measures are likely.

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