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Flint West

Stevenson Street & Glenwood Avenue, Flint, MI

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Grant Trigger - Environmental

Grant Trigger

Bruce Rasher - Redevelopment

Bruce Rasher

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>> 0.45 acres sold, 4.53 acres remain available

RACER owns 4.98 acres of the Flint West property, including the former Building 9 on the south side of the river, and several small rights-of-way. Kettering University and the Genesee Land Bank own adjoining properties, and Kettering has built a soccer field on a portion of its property. The former Building 9 property along the south side of the Flint River is currently used as an electrical substation in an area zoned G, Heavy Manufacturing.

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Environmental Progress

Soil and groundwater investigations were completed in 2011 and 2012 to evaluate potential releases of hazardous constituents from former operations at the site. In 2014, RACER submitted a Corrective Measures Proposal to EPA which proposed in-situ treatment of residual volatile organic compounds (VOCs).. RACER will continue to work with EPA to collect the data needed to determine a cost-effective remedy for the site, perform groundwater monitoring as necessary to observe groundwater quality trends and institute deed restrictions with the goal of obtaining a RCRA Corrective Action Complete with Controls determination from the EPA. Work is being completed under the RCRA Corrective Action program under EPA oversight.

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