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Employee Development Center

65 University Drive, Pontiac, MI

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Grant Trigger - Environmental

Grant Trigger

Bruce Rasher - Redevelopment

Bruce Rasher

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Located in downtown Pontiac, this vacant 3.66-acre parcel includes a paved parking lot in an area zoned C-3, Corridor Commercial. The property was built as an auto dealership in the 1950s, and most recently was used as an employee development center. Electric, water, sanitary and storm sewer infrastructure are in place at the property.

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Environmental Progress

A large amount of petroleum and TCE-impacted soil has been removed and follow-up groundwater monitoring is in progress. Groundwater monitoring activities were supplemented with storm sewer sampling activities in 2014 and 2015 to evaluate the potential for migration of residual contaminants to surface waters. Future activity will include placement of land and groundwater use restrictions on the property and the adjacent Mill Street Right of Way, request to MDEQ for a no further action determination, conclusion of groundwater monitoring activities and abandonment of monitoring wells. Work is being performed under Part 201 under the oversight of MDEQ.

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