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Delphi Trenton
Industrial Land

1445 Parkway Avenue, Ewing Township, NJ

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Robert Hare - Environmental

Robert Hare

Bruce Rasher - Redevelopment

Bruce Rasher

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The Delphi Trenton Industrial Land in Ewing Township offers about 80 acres on Parkway Avenue in Ewing Township, NJ. The site is located on the south side of Parkway Avenue, adjacent to the CSX West Trenton rail line on the western edge, and a Conrail freight spur to the south. The Township recently rezoned the property as IP-1, Industrial Park, and OP-3, Office Park. The parcel is located in a mixed-use area in the midst of residential, commercial and undeveloped parcels. It is located just west of the state capital of Trenton, and is easily accessible by air (the parcel is adjacent to the Trenton/Mercer Airport), road and railway.

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Environmental Progress

Significant investigation has been completed on the site. Primary constituents of concern are chlorinated volatile organic compounds (CVOCs), hydrocarbons and hexavalent chromium in groundwater; and metals, hydrocarbons and PCBs in soils. Remediation of soils in several areas at the site has been completed and additional soils removal planned in the near term. The Trust will continue to work with the Licensed Site Remediation Professional, licensed by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP), to develop a cleanup plan that is protective of human health and the environment and consistent with NJDEP cleanup standards.

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