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Danville Landfill Land

Interstate 74 at North G Street, Danville Township, IL

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Robert Hare - Environmental

Robert Hare

Bruce Rasher - Redevelopment

Bruce Rasher

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The 80.4-acre Danville Central Foundry land, located in a 0080, Industrial zone at I-74 and North G Street in Danville Township, Illinois, was used as a captive landfill for foundry waste at the former General Motors Powertrain Division Plant and accepted non-hazardous waste generated from on-site foundry operations between 1940 and 1995.

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Environmental Progress

The site is a closed, captive landfill that was used for the disposal of foundry sand, coke ash, slag and scrubber sludges. It is covered with a vegetative soil cover. RACER Trust is working under the supervision of the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency to assess groundwater on an ongoing basis and is working with IEPA to implement a revised groundwater monitoring plan.

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