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Robert Hare - Environmental

Robert Hare

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Bruce Rasher

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When it was established in the spring of 2011, RACER Trust took ownership of 63 parcels in and around the City of Bedford, Indiana. Some of these parcels have homes situated on them, while many others are vacant pieces of land ranging from less than an acre to nearly 300 acres. Parcels located within the city limits are generally zoned as single-family or multi-unit residential. Parcels outside of the city limits do not lie within a zoning district.

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Environmental Progress

Many of the properties owned by the Trust were acquired by the former GMC to allow access to the stream for cleanup. Other properties were acquired to assist some residents interested in moving from the area. All properties have been evaluated. Only two properties require cleanup; one additional property requires restoration of wetlands that were impacted by the previous cleanup of the stream. RACER will continue to work with EPA Region V to develop a plan for cleaning up the two remaining properties that is protective of human health and the environment.

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